Monday, March 30, 2015

Wind Power Stirs Up Controversy in Henderson

Hounsfield Town supervisor Tim Scee, says the town board and planning board are 100 percent behind the project.


When water meets land, there's wind. And when wind meets windmill, there's controversy.  
Some residents in Henderson don't want to see those blades spinning and lights blinking across the Harbor.

"Unfortunately, it would ruin the character of the island," said  Mitch Franz, Henderson Harbor Guides Association Vice President.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Appellate court reverses ruling that Hounsfield must pay attorneys $160k

 SACKETS HARBOR — A state appellate court has unanimously reversed a lower court’s ruling that the town of Hounsfield must pay a Watertown law firm $160,615 in legal fees related to the defunct Galloo Island Wind Farm development.
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Friday, March 27, 2015


March 25, 2015
“United we stand, divided we fall”.  This phrase was popularized in modern times by Founding Father John Dickinson when he composed “The Liberty Song”.  In 1768 he wrote: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all:  By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”   The phrase has been used extensively throughout our history and it is worth reflecting on today as some of our waterfront communities are considering the benefits of a SASS designation.
SASS stands for Scenic Area of Statewide Significance, and is part of the NYS Coastal Management Program; there are currently only two such designated areas in New York - portions of the Hudson River Valley, and the village and town of East Hampton, Long Island.  
The Thousand Islands is without a doubt, one of the most scenic and beautiful regions within the state and it is surely worthy and deserving of a SASS designation. In a unique and unprecedented display of cooperation, ten river communities have worked diligently the last couple of years, in partnership, to explore getting a SASS designation for their communities and the region.
People should know that last year an outside consultant and media expert was brought in to our region by a few powerful families for the express purpose of killing SASS. The consultant is an expert at manipulating public opinion by using fear, uncertainty, and doubt to make things happen or not happen.  These powerful interests have employed both a selective media campaign and aggressive lobbying effort to pick off many River front communities one by one as they have gotten them to withdraw from the SASS effort.
It is important for people to understand what SASS is or isn’t. The purpose of SASS is to identify, evaluate, and preserve specific areas of scenic value within a region or designated area. SASS does not require any new or additional permits or licenses, nor does it impose any new regulations on development.  It works within existing regulations in that, if a permit is required under State or Federal rules, then there is an additional step in the evaluation process that asks the appropriate permitting authority to comment on any impact that the request may have on the shoreline area viewshed.  
The shoreline areas are the only areas of concern under SASS. There are no other impacts on the balance of a town.  This means that there are no mandated controls, regulations or modifications to existing town laws.  SASS can issue an opinion about the impact of a project on scenic views, but it does not approve or disapprove any projects, as it has no regulatory power or authority.  
A review of the facts shows that between 2000 and 2014 there were 1917 applications that required evaluation within the SASS designated area on the Hudson River. Of these, 23 were considered for review and only 4 of these were found to have a significant issue relative to impact on the view shed.  That is less the 0.2% of the applications.  This is a very small number and substantiates the point that very few development projects have been adversely affected by SASS.
Cape Vincent and Clayton are fortunate in that they have dealt with the Department of State (DOS) under the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) for many, many years and they know how to deal with LWRP requirements.  Since the DOS policies for a scenic review are the same under both SASS and LWRP, there is not a new learning curve and no additional review would be required.
If Cape Vincent and Clayton continue to work together to achieve a SASS there is a high probability that it will be granted. A SASS designation for these communities is not only consistent with their comprehensive plans, but will also serve as a driver for economic development by encouraging more tourism.
We have been entrusted with the awesome responsibility of protecting the unique character and benefits that Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River bring to our towns.  We have an obligation and a responsibility to our children and future generations to do our best to not make decisions that will have an adverse effect on our Towns and on the Thousand Islands region.
By standing together Cape Vincent and Clayton can be the nucleus to do what is right for its citizens and the region as a whole.  And perhaps some of the other communities that have opted out of SASS, will reconsider and opt back in when they see the benefits that SASS can bring to the Thousand Islands.
Please remember -  “United we stand, divided we fall.”
Michael J. Comerford
Cape Vincent

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why is IBERDROLA interested in the effort to kill SASS?

  The Galloo Island wind project is back on the table proving that wind is not dead in the Golden Crescent and  the Thousand Islands.
Recently an extraordinary effort has been launched in Hammond NY to kill the SASS initiative. 
Additionally, the pro wind in Cape Vincent are now attempting to kill SASS without letting on that they still have aspirations of big wind.

And now Iberdrola has taken an interest in the efforts to kill SASS.

Is this all just coincidental or something more ominous?

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Heerrrrrrre's Johnny!


Climate change denial as real estate ploy?

Denier Droz  strikes  again

Monday, March 23, 2015

Iberdrola tops list of US corporate welfare hogs

How much welfare Uncle Sam provides companies has long been one of the great mysteries of taxpayer spending. Like a secret underground river, boodles have flowed out of the Treasury and into corporate bank accounts without notice.

Now we finally have a first look at the size of that river and where the cash goes.

Friday, March 20, 2015


The white, rectangular overlay on Galloo Island represents a 500 acre segment that could encompass a modern 100 MW solar project, the equivalent sized energy project to Hudson Energy's Galloo Island wind energy proposal.

Ten Best Reasons for Bill Moore to Use Solar Instead of Wind on Galloo Island.

  1. Article 10 reasonable alternatives to the facility are required by PSL 164(i)
  2. Moore won't have to do a visual simulation for negative scenic impacts, since there are none.
  3. Bald eagles, other raptors and migrating waterfowl won't be chopped, diced and blended.
  4. Solar has no risk from a turbine failure fire destroying the entire and unique Galloo Island habitat.
  5. No blinking light disturbance from nighttime turbine lighting for lake-shore property owners.
  6. Solar is New York and Gov. Cuomo's preferred renewable energy alternative while wind is waning.
  7. No potential wind turbine infrasound health effects for lake-shore residents.
  8. No lake-shore property devaluation from degraded sunset views from 30, 500+ ft spinning turbines.
  9. Town of Hounsfield still gets their money without pissing-off neighboring towns.
  10. Even fewer jobs created so no PILOT will be granted by Jeff County and more tax revenue for taxing authorities.

Both Wind and solar are dumb Ideas for Galloo.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Johnny goes marching on and on and on...

Droz's anti-SASS message is back again. First we had Droz/ Ringer spewing the same nonsense about the lack of comprehensive reporting, biased consultants additional layer of governmental review, Ditto yesterday with the Droz/Tanner letter and today with the Droz/Chapman letter, Chapman's certainly wrote their own letter, but the ideas, points and the overall argument is classic John Droz, Jr. The Chapman letter is another example of the same, tired anti-SASS mantra - where's the proof, where's the proof, where's the proof. Droz specializes in posing questions not for the sake of having them answered (they've been answered numerous times), but their purpose is to establish uncertainty and doubt.
If anyone has the temerity to take the time for an honest response, the the blathering shifts to "You haven't answered the question sufficiently." When the real burr under Droz's saddle is the SAFE Act, the SAFE Act and the SAFE Act then nothing that can be said in defense of SASS matters - it's all about guns, second amendment rights and the visceral dislike of all things about government. Come on out Droz, come out from hiding. Expose your dislike for what really matters and get off the back of a simple designation that would show the state, region and world that we live in a very pretty place that is worthy of protection and promotion.

Clif Schneider

Note: internal links have been included for viewing of letters in question.

Wind energy has dismal record of output

After a decade, we are still faced with industrial wind hucksters in Northern New York.

This time it’s the once dead Galloo Island wind proposal. Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency Executive Director Don Alexander thinks the visual impact at a distance will be equal to a thimble. However, we have solid evidence this project will be a visual disaster for eastern Lake Ontario viewscapes.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SASS Views

To The Editor:
There is a major hot topic currently being discussed locally: will a SASS designation REALLY protect 1000 Island communities from industrial wind energy development?
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DooDoo Diligence

Link here to read a handy guide ~How to Remove your Head from your Ass

Monday, March 16, 2015

2009 ~ Galloo Island Wind ~Developer windfall: $23 million


The proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm is ready to agree to spend more than $2 million per year as part of a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement, but it stands to save nearly $23 million in other tax abatements.

JCIDA will levy a $1.2 million fee for its role in working on the tax breaks.