BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, June 13, 2008


Recently there was a letter to the editor in the Watertown daily times, this letter criticized people who opposed industrial wind power, painting them as fear mongering scammsers.
The author has the facts upside down when talking about wind turbine opponents using "fear-mongering and misinformation in a well-executed scam".

Industrial wind is nothing more than a scam based enterprise that wouldn’t survive without federal tax breaks i.e. production tax credits and accelerated depreciation.

In this letter the author also states that the 1,300 ft set backs are absurd because flying turbine parts are rare, turbines are spinning at high rates of speed subjecting the turbine blades to extreme amounts of force an example of a turbine breaking up can be seen below...

The author compares living near a turbine to driving on the freeway, stating that driving is a much more dangerous undertaking, perhaps but when and if I choose to drive, I am making a choice to be there a conscious choice to put my self in danger, I have a license to drive and I do not have to be on the road if I choose not to be. I am also in a motor vehicle protected by air bags, fully aware of my surroundings driving defensively, maybe British Petroleum and Acciona would consider sponsoring a defensive living class, and I am also covered by auto insurance. Would living in close proximity to an industrial wind turbine affect your homeowners insurance and your medical insurance?

Perhaps the author should consider the perilous issue of turbine blade icing, this is a serious issue that Acciona and Bp has not addressed, an example of turbine blade icing can be viewed at :(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EmYe2u6J6g)

Acciona’s DEIS selectively quotes from a report on turbine icing, if you download and read the report in detail it recommends through studies on turbine blade icing be done.(http://virtual.vtt.fi/virtual/arcticwind/boreasiv/assessment_of_safety.pdf)

Where are they?

In this Watertown Times letter the author also complains about turbine siting and sound.

Turbine placement should be based on safety not GREED!!

Today Typical ordinances proposed or passed in NY State communities considering industrial wind , neither meet World Health Organization Standards nor NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) standards.
The wind industry in New York State is in its infancy and as of yet there isn’t any legislation to protect citizens.

The author of this letter states that greed is ok if its “regulated”

Developers are in a rush to build before they have to comply with any future safety standards.
This is "unregulated greed". The author’s words mirror the example that they use for the basis of their opinion about wind opponents, on group thinking and rationalization of belief into fact.
The most flagrant example of this is their rationalization of greed as a virtue.
Perhaps that is the problem with wind proponents in general.
What the writer is saying is that the “American Way”, essentially the principal that this nation was founded upon is avarice and greed.

The wind proponents want industrial wind turbines sited based on profit “Greed” they call this “FREE ENTERPRISE”

I for one am a proponent of free enterprise and capitalism but not at the expense of my neighbor’s health and well being.

The writer is casting aspersions on wind opponents with the whole group thinking analogy.

They equate avarice and greed to the “American way”

"The angry green shirts” wanting to profit at the expense of others