BP - The Beast is Dead!

BP - The Beast is Dead!

Can you believe it?

A small band of over –the-hill misfits beat the fourth largest corporation in the world and saved their town. Congratulations to all my readers and all those people who have supported and commented on issues related to wind development and wind corruption. February 26 will long be remembered as the date in our history where the redcoats were sent packing the third time in 250 years!

Thank you all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wind subsidy may mean service cuts, more taxes

Cumberland Times-News - Wind subsidy may mean service cuts, more taxes

How do wind energy amusement parks benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else? A good question, as we reel from the Wall Street welfare bailout. Let’s follow the money. On a kilowatt-hour basis, wind is by far the most heavily subsidized source of power, receiving 25 times more than coal, hydro and natural gas and 16 times more than nuclear, despite not producing any capacity value, unlike the rest.

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