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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cuomo investigates here and there but not Everywhere

ENERGY: Hamlin wind regs to get scrutiny
By Jeremy Moule on November 25, 2008

During a forum in Irondequoit last week, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo told a group of Hamlin residents that he'd send an environmental attorney to look into their complaints about the town's wind-tower regulations.

"We are very excited to the fact that they acknowledged we have issues that need to be taken care of and that they're going to follow through with it," says Linda DeRue, a member of the Hamlin Preservation Group.

I find this all very interesting because...

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo came to Jefferson County in June for a community forum, at this time Mr. Cuomo's task force was given documentation concerning corruption, involving the proposed wind projects for the community of Cape Vincent,

Including a letter written by Senator Darrel Aubertine,
At that time Mr. Aubertine was, State assemblyman for that same district.

This letter, written to the town supervisor encouraged the town board members with conflicts of interests to vote on wind issues.

Cape Vincent is ripe with corruption.

Where is Mr. Cuomo?

Has Cape Vincent become a victim of political corruption?

Will these issues be ignored because a democratic senate seat is more important than our rights?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wind panel sets noise-level protocol

Watertown Daily Times | Wind panel sets noise-level protocol




low-frequency noise would also be measured at structures — a change made at the urging of engineer Gregory C. Tocci.

Beth A. White, president of Voters for Wind, asked if landowners participating in a wind farm could have an easement for low-frequency noise like they would for overall noise levels.

"The participating landowners should have some sort of leeway there," she said

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Centerville, New York wind law invalidated

Summary of CENTERVILLE’S CONCERNED CITIZENS v TOWN BOARD OF TOWN OF CENTERVILLE (CA 08-00282, Memorandum and Order, 11/14/208)

The group “Centerville’s Concerned Citizens” won an appeal at the Appellate Divison of the Fourth Judicial Department and obtained the invalidation of a local law (Town of Centerville Local Law No. 1 of 2006) regulating the siting of wind energy facilities.

In promulgating the local law, the court found that the Town of Centerville (Allegany County) failed to follow appropriate procedure under New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

At issue was whether the type of SEQRA action under consideration was unlisted, Type I, or Type II. The Town determined that it was an unlisted action, and used a short environmental assessment form to issue a “negative declaration”, that is, that the Local Law would not have a significant impact on the environment

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How too much wind power may hurt salmon

By Dan Tilkin KATU News and KATU Web Staff Published: Nov 8, 2008 at 10:16 PM

You see, when the wind is really blowing and the farms are operating at maximum capacity, the present system will not be able to handle all of that electricity, which ultimately affects fish.

This isn't just a theory - it actually happened recently. At the end of June, there was an unexpected surge in wind power and too much energy was created for the regional grid to handle. To compensate, the dams cut their power by spilling more water.
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wind farm takes a toll

From the Whig Standard Archives
The road to a cleaner, greener energy future is fraught with strife on Wolfe Island. The disruption and dust caused by the construction of 86 massive windmills has forced at least one couple to pack up and leave their island home of 17 years.

Dawn and Dean Wallace lived on the road travelled regularly all summer by the huge dump trucks and tractor-trailers carrying equipment and construction material to the west end of the island where most of the windmills will be located. Though the project is scheduled for completion this April, the couple couldn't cope any longer.

"It's a green project without a green process," Dawn Wallace told the Whig-Standard.

Many islanders describe a community divided by the burgeoning wind farm.

There are the landowners who will benefit financially from providing land to Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. And there are those who won't, though the township will receive an annual fee that will help with the island tax base.

There are west-end residents like the Wallaces who have had their lives disrupted. And there are those who live away from the epicentre of development, free from the upheaval.

There are the environmentalists who see the giant turbines providing clean energy to the provincial electrical grid long into the future. And there are those who are concerned about the windmills' potential negative effects on migrating birds, bats, other wildlife and wetlands.

Canadian Hydro spokesman Geoff Carnegie said the company has done its best to respond to residents' complaints, particularly in suppressing dust kicked up by the trucks.

But the Wallaces tell a tale of frustration, their concerns not being addressed to their satisfaction by the company, the township or the provincial environment ministry.

Clearly, the massive scale of the project guarantees there will be victims - whether it's people living on the construction route or animals travelling migratory routes.

But as one islander noted, looking at the overall environmental picture, is it preferable to have a few hundred bats and birds die from windmills or thousands of humans from the pollution caused by dirty coal plants?

If wind farms are the way of the future, and are to be promoted by the provincial government, then the province is obliged to study and learn from the mistakes of the Wolfe Island project and the negative effects it has produced.

Trucks and heavy equipment rumbling by your door at 4 a. m. do not make for comfortable living. It certainly doesn't complement the quiet, country lifestyle people are seeking when they move to places like Wolfe Island. Surely, there are ways to maintain basic standards of living.

Another island resident, Chris Brown, said that anyone who raised questions or concerns were "laughed down and dismissed." In such instances, the township council and the company must be available to provide answers and solutions to reduce frictions.

Ironically, the farms, homes and businesses on Wolfe Island won't even be powered by the very windmills that have caused all the disruption and carry the promise of a greener future.

This island community has paid the personal and social costs of providing a home for the windmills. It shouldn't be repeated elsewhere.

Thursday, November 13, 2008



This letter was written by Darrel Aubertine, in response to questions about his stance on Industrial Wind development in Cape Vincent.

This letter only serves to further increase the questions and concerns about public officials in Cape Vincent and the culture of corruption that has been borne of the proposed industrial wind development.

In this first letter Mr. Aubertine is telling the community that, hey folks I’m a nice guy aw shucks, I just want what’s good for America. And I care about you, what you want is important. I will honor and support your decision.

What he doesn’t tell the public is that he has been working behind the scenes making sure the community doesn’t have a choice. This is clearly stated by Darrel in the second letter. ("Governing by referendum is unwise").

The next letter from Darrel is to the Cape Vincent Town Board RE: Conflicted voting.

This letter is telling the town board that it is their duty to vote on the siting of wind turbines, even though they have wind contracts, because as elected representatives, it is their responsibility, to make decisions for their constituents and the community.
Mr. Aubertine also adds that "governing by referendum is unwise".
So the community has no choice. A conflicted politician advises a conflicted board, to vote, because he feels" that it is ethically proper.
In this letter to the town board, not only is Darrel Aubertine telling the board that he believes that it is their responsibility to vote but if you look closely at the language of this letter, he is also telling them how to vote. This is an outrage.

This WDT article addresses the specific issue of setbacks mentioned in Mr.Aubertines letter.

Establishing 2,600-foot setback could cost Cape farmers money.
Source: Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, NY)
Publication Date: 24-JUN-06 kelly vadney

COPYRIGHT 2006 Water town Daily Times
Byline: Kelly Vadney

Jun. 24--CAPE VINCENT -- The opportunity to generate income from wind turbines could be a lost cause for some farmers if zoning for the structures begins 2,600 feet from the center of Route 12E.

~Ethics have always been a grey area for Senator Aubertine~When asked by a reporter about the ‘Attorney Generals Wind Code of Ethics’, Senator Aubertine was quoted as saying "I have always been "transparent". I support the attorney general in this effort."

Senator Aubertine has a working relationship with the community and Acciona energy (as a contract holder). I wonder if he has in any way attempted to facilitate adoption of the Attorney General’s Code of Conduct, by the two wind companies that are proposing projects in his community?

Or perhaps he is waiting for the Attorney General to adopt a code of "feelings”?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Amid Economic Crisis, Wind Power Spins More Slowly

ABC News: Amid Economic Crisis, Wind Power Spins More Slowly


Nov. 1, 2008

Michigan's "thumb," a broad peninsula whose gusts make it one of the best places in the U.S. to site a wind farm, Noble Environmental Power has erected 30 huge wind turbines -- 16 more will finish the job.

But the project was hit by a financial gale last month when key underwriter Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. With Lehman out, Noble was forced to sell in a hurry. Three more Lehman-financed wind-power projects in New York are also in doubt, according to published reports.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ashville N.C. School teacher browbeats student over being a McCain supporter

BP drops plans for UK wind farms

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil major BP has dropped plans to build wind farms and other renewable energy projects in Britain and will focus renewables spending on the United States, the Guardian newspaper said on Friday.

The United States is more attractive due to government incentives for clean energy projects there, the newspaper said.

"The best place to get a strong rate of return for wind is the U.S.," the Guardian quoted a BP spokesman as saying.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

BP backs out of wind farm project with Goldwind

11/6/2008 5:50:48 PM GMT

SHANGHAI: BP Alternative Energy has pulled out of a partnership with a subsidiary of Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind Science & Technology Co. BP Alternative Energy had originally signed a framework agreement to jointly develop three wind farms in Inner Mongolia.

In a statement posted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Goldwind said that BP was suspending its wind power business in Asia.


British Petroleum BP is reporting massive profits,

While we have been struggling to make ends meet, because of escalating fuel costs. Skyrocketing Fuel prices changed the way we live our everyday lives this had a rippling effect on travel, tourism, and the trucking industry. This contributed to the downturn in our economy. The damage has been done. Even with lower fuel prices we are now experiencing, it will take a significant period of time for the economy to recover.

The dramatic oil price Hike we experienced not too long ago was not the result of fuel shortage.
The rising oil prices were a direct result of unregulated speculation.

Among the main players in the speculative market for crude oil are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and British Petroleum (BP)
British Petroleum controls the London based International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), which is one of the world's largest energy futures and options exchanges. Among IPE's major shareholders are Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

At one point oil rose to $147 per barrel, At least 60% of the $147 per barrel price Oil of crude oil came from unregulated futures speculation by hedge funds, banks and financial groups using the London ICE Futures and New York NYMEX futures exchanges and uncontrolled inter-bank or Over-The-Counter trading to avoid scrutiny. US margin rules of the government's Commodity Futures Trading Commission allow speculators to buy a crude oil futures contract on the Nymex, by having to pay only 6% of the value of the contract. At the price of $147 per barrel, that means a futures trader only has to put up about $9 for every barrel. He borrows the other $138. This extreme 'leverage' of 16 to 1 helps drive prices to wildly unrealistic levels and offset bank losses in sub-prime and other disasters at our expense.

Recently British Petroleum announced a record 10.0 billion in third quarter replacement cost profits.

"The current turmoil may in fact create opportunities for us" Chief Executive Tony Hayward said in a statement
BP's previously troubled refining unit reported a big jump in profits to $1.97 billion from $371 million in the same period last year.

I have focused on BP because they are a corporate chameleon. They say one thing and do another, right now they are in the process of courting the “US" "people” of Cape Vincent to build an industrial scale wind complex near resident’s homes. This project potentially would bring BP massive profits and Big Problems for Cape Vincent. I will be writing more in the future about BP and Cape Vincent, there are so many issues with this proposed project, Bp’s history of corporate irresponsibility has already raised concerns.

[1] The Global Crisis: by Michel Chossudovsky
[2] Reuters UK
[3] Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections- volume 6, issue # 10- 01-06-2001
[4] The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams

Monday, November 3, 2008


The election is very soon and we are being told to vote for Darrel Aubertine because "He's one of us." Let's examine that statement.
The statement implies that his opponent is not to be trusted he is one of "them." This seems to be a great campaign strategy however the problem is that this is a divisive attitude and an insidious problem that eats away at the core ideals that this country was founded upon. This is a downright un-American Campaign Strategy. I am not surprised that Darrel is using the one of “us” campaign because that is the underlying problem with Darrel's home town, Cape Vincent. Cape is an “us” and “them” town. A favorite expression of some of the “us” people living in Cape is, "if your diapers didn’t hang on the line to dry in the Cape you don’t really “belong”. In other words, you are a “them.” You are an outsider, an interloper, a non citizen without any rights. When meeting people for the first time the usual question asked of you is “are you one of the summer people?” Whenever you question an issue that affects where you live you are generally ignored or told that you don’t understand what is right for the town because you are an outsider.
When you are asked vote for Darrel Aubertine because he's one of “us” what Darrel is really saying is I am one of you but I want to be one of “them”. This is a big problem because he actually sees his constituency as inferior to what he aspires to be. Someday his constituency may become the evil inferior “them” because Darrel and the down state Democrats will now become the elite, the “us”..
How can someone who has such a divisive platform be effective once elected into office? Frankly I find this “one of us” campaign crap offensive and insulting. Divisive attitudes like this divide communities and nations. We live in ONE NATION. Cape Vincent is a community divided; the wind companies came to town and exploited this division.
When people allow themselves to be exploited by this type of polarization they become vulnerable, just who will be the next “them”? Will it be hunters? Perhaps it will be gun owners, or just anyone who doesn't agree with our senator's agenda? Remember the words “WE THE PEOPLE.” It’s time to elect someone who does not divide his constituency into “us” and “them.” This nation fought a terrible war over the “us” and “them” issue and it cost us dearly. We need to work toward what is right for all the people not just those who fall into the “us” category. It is time to elect Dave Renzi as OUR SENATOR.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political battle brews over fate of Lee Memorial Hospital

by Carol Thompson
 link here to read entire story The Valley News online

A letter sent to Senator Darrel Aubertine by Oswego County Legislator Louella LeClair has evoked a response from the Aubertine campaign suggesting that Ms. LeClair is part of the David Renzi campaign team.

Legislator LeClair, who represents the City of Fulton’s District 25, sent a letter to Aubertine Oct. 29 claiming he has misled the community with his political advertisements in which he states that he saved the A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital from closure. She followed her letter with an Oct. 30 press release that she issued herself.


Subject: Wolfe Island Wind Project

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 17:22:52 +0000

Hello, I am a resident of Wolfe Island who is unfortunate enough to be living on the 4th Line. I have made 3 calls to date to complain about the dust, and the speed of the trucks. All of which have been ignored and no action has been taken. When I bought my house 6 years ago on the Island I never thought I would have to deal with trucks going at LEAST 90km per hour down my road. I have children that no longer go for bike rides due to the speed of the trucks and the dust they kick up. The noise level is bad enough with the rumbling of trucks, but imagine when the speeds are excessive, what they sound like going over bumps, add to that the 2 occasions where they ran stop signs and almost t-boned a car.

If the truck speed was not enough, we were informed that our roads were to be watered as to stop the dust. The water is being taken from a creek on our road, so you would think that therefore we would always have a wet road........alas not so. We are lucky to get it once in awhile, in the beginning it was great and done hourly, now as the traffic has gotten worse the water trucks have disappeared. The dust has stopped us from opening our windows, as I am an asthmatic and dust is a MAJOR trigger. I am no longer able to work outside during the time construction is going on,due to the dust, add to this the fact that they are now going to be working 7 days a week, and you will understand why I am not impressed.

I have not been opposed to the Wind Power Project, in fact I am all for renewable energy, but can the people who have lived here on the Island for years be taken into consideration? The ferry is packed daily with trucks and workers, yes we are supposed to be able to recognise them by the placard that is in the window,most take those down so they do not have to wait for the Barge. Teachers are being left on the mainland due to full morning boats! The noise of the trucks, the dust, the safety concerns over the speed and erratic driving. All of these add up to a major headache, and start to outweigh the benefits.


Wolf Island resident

Name withheld