BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have a comment about Acciona’s DEIS pertaining to ice throw it is as follows, Acciona selectively quotes from a report on ice risk assessment (Morgan, Bossanyi & Seifert) in its DEIS that there has never been a reported injury from ice shed by wind turbines.

What they fail to mention is that when this report was written relatively few towers had been installed in climates where icing was a serious problem.

The report that the above quote is taken from states, “That situation is rapidly changing as extensive development of the wind resource in many Northern European countries has now commenced.

Indeed, the potential risk has recently attracted significant publicity in Germany, where a number of significant incidents have been reported in the past year, indicating an urgent need for suitable safety guidelines.”

The report goes on to explain the etiology of rotor blade icing making it worthy of research. It also proposes that risk assessment should be undertaken in three stages:

“I. Occurrence of icing conditions
An estimate should be made of the time (number of days per year) during which icing
Conditions occur at the turbine site:

. “Heavy icing”- more than 5 days, less than 25 days icing per year.

“Moderate icing”-more than 1 day, less than 5 days icing per year.

“Light icing”-less than 1 day icing per year.

“No icing”-no appropriate icing conditions occur

Northern New York does experience icing conditions and our weather is colder than

Since St Lawrence Wind introduced the (Morgan, Bossanyi & Seifert) report in its own DEIS this would lead one to conclude that they would stand by all its recommendations and do the proposed assessment of risk as described in the report cited in the DEIS.

This example of selective quoting from outside reporting agencies leads one to wonder how many other parts of the DEIS have been selectively
Quoted to reflect favorably on the project.

These foreign wind companies are interested in one thing and only one thing money they are not interested in our health and well-being.

When are ACCIONA & BP going to do the appropriate ICE STUDIES?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Centerville, New York wind law invalidated

Summary of CENTERVILLE’S CONCERNED CITIZENS v TOWN BOARD OF TOWN OF CENTERVILLE (CA 08-00282, Memorandum and Order, 11/14/208)

The group “Centerville’s Concerned Citizens” won an appeal at the Appellate Divison of the Fourth Judicial Department and obtained the invalidation of a local law (Town of Centerville Local Law No. 1 of 2006) regulating the siting of wind energy facilities.

In promulgating the local law, the court found that the Town of Centerville (Allegany County) failed to follow appropriate procedure under New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

Friday, December 5, 2008

Foreign Wind Developer asks JCIDA to rush uniform wind PILOTs

BP alternative energy a foreign wind developer has asked for speed from the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency on creating a uniform tax-exempt policy.

BP project manager James H. Madden urged the board to complete the policy in the next three to six months.

Mr. Madden stated BP has decided to scale back on wind energy development around the world and it will continue to focus on the development of approximately 100 US projects they are currently involved in nationwide, with three in New York.

Well why not since our government has sold us out.

The U.S. has created an environment that makes it advantageous for foreign companies to come to our country and reap the rewards of renewable energy tax credits. Because of this BP has backed out of its plans to build wind farms and other renewable projects in Britain, India, China and Turkey

The US government incentives for clean energy projects provide convenient tax shelter for oil and gas revenues, something BP is looking for with an estimated 8$ billion earmarked for the initiative. Lower economies of scale made the UK, Chinese, Indian and Turkish wind sectors far less attractive than the US.

However, Mr. Madden warned the board of significant challenges in building the project in Jefferson County.

Mr.Madden mentions the problem of grid capacity.

This statement is followed by a list of items, a zoning ordinance for wind power development, four or five studies including, noise analysis.

"We've put our studies on hold until at least they complete that process," he said.

"It's the setbacks and other requirements that we'll have to abide by.
You stated that these things have all slowed and or have held up the project and that you have put studies on hold.

What is ominous here is the statement
Mr. Madden warned the board of significant challenges.

That sounds like a threat.

Are you warning the board that the Citizens of Cape Vincent’s desire for proper setbacks may sour the project for Jefferson County?
are you saying that the setbacks in Cape Vincent should be calculated based on


Is that what you are saying Mr. Madden?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wind turbine's deadly ice shower - Peterborough Today

Wind turbine's deadly ice shower - Peterborough Today
Published on Saturday 29 November 2008 13:07

The Evening Telegraph
Peterbrough today

Residents were left fearing for their safety after shards of melting ice fell on homes and gardens from the blades of a giant wind turbine.
For about four hours people in King's Dyke, Whittlesey, had to take cover as huge lumps – some two feet long – showered them from the 80 metre high tower on Saturday morning.

Resident Peter Randall, whose son's house lies a stone's throw away from the turbine, said: "Somebody is going to get killed. There was huge lumps of ice shooting off and landing everywhere.

Published Date:
02 December 2008
By Kirsten Beacock

Who is sending out this anti-American anti wind propaganda!!!! Everybody knows that wind turbines do not throw ice and are harmless. I am confident of this because I have been told this many times by the wind companies and our towns. They would not lie to us because after all they are saving the planet and looking out for my welfare.
Besides the towns or Martinsburg and Harrisburg on Tug Hill allow turbines 300 ft from roads. I'm sure they looked into all the scientific facts before allowing those setbacks.

An that foolish Vestas wind turbine manufacturer with their irrational hysterical Commie safety manual saying their workers should not get closer than 1300 ft from an operating turbine. I don't care if they have been making wind turbines for a couple of decades in a country that has the highest wind turbine density per capita in the world.

I have to believe our town wind law committee knows better. I'll take intuition over that complicated science crap any day. They are looking out for us.

Besides how am I going to get no taxes and free electricity if you guys keep harassing these people for these unreasonable setbacks. And if you keep pushing these turbines back, I won't be able to see them and how they will enhance our towns with their graceful beauty.

Feeling warm, fuzzy, and safe.

Art Pundt