BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Planning Board Chairman Edsall says in reference to this letter - “These people are like the school janitor, telling the teachers what curriculum to teach.” To view the insulting youtube video of Edsall in action, click title of this post.

Governor Paterson's Comments about Industrial Wind Development in the St. Lawrence River Region

Tusday nights town hall meeting was an opportunity to find out what Governor Paterson’s thoughts are about industrial wind development in the St. Lawrence region and the corruption that is plaguing the wind industry in our communities, such as the unethical behavior and conflicts of interests pertaining to the siting of wind power.A woman from Hammond attending the meeting addressed a few of these issues. She spoke about a scheduled project in her community, that she thought would provide power to Downstate .Her questions addressed issues effecting land owners and tax payers, the adverse impacts resulting from living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines. At one point she stated “ we are wondering what your plans are to help tax payers and property owners who are on the other side, That are being, or will be impacted , by the quality of life issues” such as medical and psychological , lowered property values , the divisiveness, between local government and community residents.

To this Governor Paterson replied

I think that number one, particularly in that area and because of its, cultural and historic, value and also it’s a place that people come to see, that we have to be a lot more careful, about the siting of, wind turbine facilities, that would obviously, impact on the economic development, of the area and property values .There is enough area in the region, to affect this.

One thing that you said, that I would like to comment on and it has a little bit to do, with the transmission of power to downstate.
One of the misnomers on wind power and solar power and even hydro power, is that it is very hard to transmit power, through these clean renewable sources. They are clean and renewable, but they're very inefficient.
And the piping of the resources is not the same as piping oil. As a matter of fact, 3% of the product escapes the pipe everyday, and 3.4% is the best we've ever done. As a result of a study done at the University of California Berkeley.
Solar and wind power really come from the ability to heat nitrogen to a boiling point, where it cracks, and then becomes an energy source. Nitrogen is not an energy source, it is a conductor. So one of the reasons why we will have to have wind turbines is not because it's being piped to “Downstate”, but because the way we are going to win the battle over clean and renewable energy and replace the traditional, many of them carbon emission forms of energy, is to localize our product, so that in the end, the wind turbines that exist will actually go to generate power here. Only in the distant future with a lot of research will we be able to transmit that power, the way we do with other forms of energy.

But, that dose not mitigate from what you are saying about placement, about the process by which contracts are granted. By the discipline that must be maintained, by people who are on the types of boards that vote for this.
The inherent problem of conflicts of interest, tainting the process. By companies that are just trying to get started too quickly. There is a real rush for energy creation these days, it has to be balanced with good government, and integrity on the part of those who take part in the decision making process.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is wind power really a green industry? -

Green as in ecology.

Is climate change a phenomenon that is new? Scientific reports are saying that glaciers are melting. The predictions about the time or speed at which it will occur seem to be the point of interest. Could it be that it is a natural phenomena? There is evidence that there was a trading route between the European and Asians countries in the northern part of Canada. Regardless we need to have ways to improve the relationship between human civilizations and the environment.
Are industrial windmills the solution? Maybe part of it. However their performance to produce electricity is at the whim of Mother Nature. The true generated electricity of these industrial wind turbines on a large scale, according to need and when necessary, does not seem to be… let's say a true success. Read about "capacity" versus "generation". As for reducing CO2, here is a quote from an article published in the American Thinker Dec. 30, 2008 More Hot Air from Wind Farm, "The British Wind Energy Association has admitted to cooking the books on its calculations of the amount of carbon dioxide disped by wind power." , the factories building these turbines, blades and towers are high users of energy and high producers of CO2.



Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Enron hyped global warming for profit


Investigate Magazine's Group Blog
March 16, 2006
Investigate Oct 05, The Kyoto Conspiracy

Amidst the talk about the benefits that Kyoto Protocol is sup-posed to promote, it is perhaps forgotten especially amongst the greenies how Kyoto was born in the corridors of very big business. The name Enron has all but faded from our news pages since the company went down in flames in 2001 amidst charges of fraud, bribery, price fixing and graft. But without Enron there would have been no Kyoto Protocol. Amidst the talk about the benefits that Kyoto Protocol is sup-posed to promote, it is perhaps forgotten especially amongst the greenies how Kyoto was born in the corridors of very big business.

The name Enron has all but faded from our news pages since the company went down in flames in 2001 amidst charges of fraud, bribery, price fixing and graft. Continue...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


DIRE WARNINGS FOR ONTARIO « Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms

Picton, Ontario, January 15, 2009-

200 Picton area residents braved frigid temperatures Thursday night to hear about the serious health risks associated with Industrial Wind Turbines.

Dr. Magda Havas Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Peterborough’s Trent University and one of the world’s leading research experts in the areas of electromagnetic pollution, radio frequency radiation, ground current and dirty electricity delivered alarming warnings about the dangers to human and animal health, posed by Industrial Wind Turbines. Dr. Havas was the featured speaker in Picton. Havas identified two significant problem areas that pose substantive threats to the health of those living or working in proximity to wind turbine developments –

Continue reading at link below
DIRE WARNINGS FOR ONTARIO « Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms

Friday, January 16, 2009


EDP24 - Wind turbine worry after 'UFO strike'

Renewable energy firm Ecotricity is being urged to put its planned wind farm at the Lotus test track at Hethel on hold after a blade sheered off one of its turbines in Lincolnshire.

A turbine at Ecotricity's wind farm at Conisholme lost one 20m blade and another was badly damaged 10 days ago, in an incident that UFO enthusiasts have claimed was caused by a mystery aircraft.

An investigation has been launched.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paterson: slow down on wind power

Paterson: slow down on wind power - Newswatch50.com... We're Always On!

The St. Lawrence River is too precious to be marred by poorly-conceived wind power projects, Governor David Paterson said Sunday.

Asked by a Hammond resident about his views on wind power development, Paterson indicated he thinks the industry is moving too quickly."Particularly in that area, and because of its cultural and historic value, and particularly because it's a place people come to see, that we have to be a lot more careful about the siting of wind turbine facilities," Paterson said, generating a smattering of applause.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Canadian Hydro refusing to take responsibility, for Wolf Island oil spill

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

The Alberta-based company building one of Canada’s largest wind farms on Wolfe Island is refusing to take responsibility for a diesel spill that occurred during the transport of the turbines to the island last fall.

The spill at the heart of the dispute occurred on Oct. 1 when a tugboat, operated by Nadro Marine, was sitting at the island winter ferry dock near Dawson Point. As much as 700 litres of diesel fuel leaked into the surrounding waters.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New York State Supreme Court Judge Nullifies Town of Hamlin’s Wind Energy Law

New York State Supreme Court Judge Nullifies Town of Hamlin’s Wind Energy Law

The Wind Energy Law adopted in April 2008 by the Monroe County Town of Hamlin has been “set aside and annulled” by the Hon. David Michael Barry, Justice of New York State’s Supreme Court, in an “Order and Judgment” granted on January 5, 2009. The court’s decision concludes that the Hamlin Town Board violated the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) when it neither took a “hard look” at the relevant areas of environmental concern, nor set forth a “reasoned elaboration” for its determination that the wind energy law would not have a significant impact on the environment.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Voters for BP?

Beth White is president of Voters for wind

Mrs. White is also a member of the town wind law committee created to produce a zoning amendment to deal with wind farms one of which would be built by BP renewable energy.

Steven C. Sullivan is co-founder of  Geos Global
Mr. Sullivan represented Bp renewable energy at a wind power forum held at Thousand Islands High school.

It is my great pleasure to write to you about my experience with GEOS, Green Energy Outreach Services. I am a member and Vice President of Voters for Wind, a grassroots citizen’s organization whose mission is to support the development of a wind farm in the towns of Cape Vincent and Lyme

Voters for Wind is like a family and GEOS is very definitely part of our family.
>Steve Sullivan has been a speaker and participant in several public information meetings

They have assisted us in planning and organizing community events, fund raising events and have assisted us in learning how to utilize the media

The staff at GEOS is with us every step of the way, providing us with information, suggestions, and technical and moral support

Staff members from GEOS attend our monthly meetings and have attended countless public hearings.

We are in constant contact via phone and e-mail. With their assistance, we were able to set up a

The question is who is funding GEOS services? Is BP renewable energy indirectly sponsoring Voters for wind? Are voters for wind just puppets on a string are they Marionettes dancing to Bp’s music?
Are voters for wind a sham another shill for Bp to use to further their agenda? Even the name is a sham as if anyone even had a vote for or against wind.

Beth White has clearly stated from the beginning that she was pro wind. With such dubious connections what is the truth about voters for wind.

Is this organization actually funded indirectly by BP Through  GEOS GLOBAL ?

IS Bp manipulating Mrs. Whites every decision as a member of the town wind law committee?

And if this is the case this would constitute more than just a pro wind stance indirectly she would be nothing less than an instrument of BP.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Beth A. White, president of Voters for BP, asked if landowners participating in a wind farm could have an easement for low-frequency noise like they would for overall noise levels.

After reviewing available data on debris scatter from turbine failure, Mr. Dimmick recommended setbacks of 1,000 feet from participating residences and 1,200 feet from public roads. Most of the credible reports of scatter he found had debris thrown between about 980 and 1,300 feet.

The previous draft of the law had 500-foot setbacks from roads and 750-foot setbacks from houses.

Mrs. White asked for easements on those setbacks, as well.

"You more than doubled it," she said. "There are plenty of dirt roads around and plenty of seasonal roads around."

Mrs. White responded, "The chances are so minuscule. I don't see why putting these restrictions on these roads is reasonable."