BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Large scale disaster is a reality


Jefferson County Burn Ban Extended

A state of emergency has been declared due to extremely dry conditions causing numerous out of control grass and brush fires. Such conditions threaten the public safety of the citizens of Jefferson County.
A violation of this order is a Class B Misdemeanor


I wonder what would happen if there was a turbine fire during a burn ban. Are our local fire departments prepared for the possibility of a large scale disaster?

Monday, March 30, 2009

“Liens R Us” - River City Malone

March 27th, 2009
—Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin.....................................................................................

Timothy Chase lives in Chateaugay in a house with big fat liens on it. And I warn you right now this is going to be a sad story and if you don’t like sad stories stop reading right now.

I seem to remember Tim Chase writing numerous letters to the Telegram, singing loud hosannas to wind energy—to wind turbines in everyone’s backyard—to Noble Environmental Power—to the whole nine yards.

No one in Franklin County was more “clean green renewable” than Turbine Tim.

Then the Noble Power Bomb dropped.

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“Liens R Us” - River City Malone

Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin

Friday, March 20, 2009

Conoco's Warning for BP: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Conoco's Warning for BP: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Wednesday March 18, 10:51 am ET
ByBullish Bankers,

By Charles W. Petredis
I am not the type of investor who puts a lot of faith into weak correlations and other far-flung events or crazy theories, but reading the news coming out of international oil giant ConocoPhillips got me thinking. Conoco has taken the worst beating of all of the oil majors since the global recession started. This isn't earth-shattering news, but what I find interesting are the comments from management, and how they could relate to a competitor, BP .

Conoco got me thinking about BP because of the stark similarities between the two majors; they are potentially the most similar of all the oil majors. Both companies have larger-than-average exposure to natural gas in relation to crude oil, especially in the U.S., where both are top-three producers and have been for some time. Both also have joint venture exposure in Russia that have caused significant headaches in the past -- and probably will again. This exposure has led to multi-billion-dollar losses for Conoco and could even result in the loss of assets due to nationalization.

Acciona lays off 58 | press-citizen.com | Iowa City Press Citizen

Acciona lays off 58 | press-citizen.com | Iowa City Press Citizen

Acciona Windpower announced Thursday that it is laying off about one-third of the work force at the company's West Branch wind turbine assembly plant. However, the company's general manager said he thought the setbacks would be short-lived.

Acciona Windpower Vice President and general manager Adrian LaTrace said 58 of the about 150 employees at the West Branch plant were laid off. A total of 65 employees companywide will be laid off.

timestranscript.com - N.B. wind farm projects delayed |Acciona Straped for Cash Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

timestranscript.com - N.B. wind farm projects delayed | By Mary Moszynski - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

NB Power yet to receive official word Aulac, Lamèque projects are behind schedule
FREDERICTON - The global financial crisis has delayed two wind farms planned for the province.

Acciona Energy confirmed the projects planned for Aulac and Lamèque won't go ahead as scheduled because of rising costs and difficulty securing the necessary financing.

"The projects are suffering from the economic downturn. One of the key issues is that liquidity for capital projects is scarce," said company spokesman Eric Schneider. "It's a combination of things but they have made these projects far more expensive to build and difficult to secure financing for."

Monday, March 16, 2009


T.I. CENTRAL MEETING: Speakers focus on issues of electric grid, setbacks, noise

The speakers were Steven C. Sullivan, managing director of GEOS Global and consultant to BP Alternative Energy; John Droz, scientist and environmental activist from Brantingham Lake, and Paul E. Carr, engineering professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, and a founder of Bernier, Carr & Associates.

Voters for Wind and British Petroleum both use Geos Global as consultants. Firms like Geos Global charge thousands of dollars for their services. How can voters for wind a “grass roots’’ citizens organization afford to pay for such sophisticated services? Is Steven C. Sullivan, managing director of GEOS Global so dedicated to the cause that he has decided to donate his services and those of the Geos Global staff? What makes this incestuous relationship between British Petroleum, Voters for wind and the Geos Global group an issue, is that Beth White is a member of voters for wind and she is on Cape Vincent’s wind committee. Why not just put a British Petroleum representative on the wind committee! No wait a minute maybe they already have…

The Greens Hate Energy, America, and You!

Alan Caruba

I doubt that most Americans have a clue what the leading Green organizations like Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club have as their agenda for 2009. They have already made it known their members, so I will share it with you.

There are literally dozens of these groups in the United States and each has their own particular focus of attention, but the largest among them play well together in the giant sandbox of Green utopian fantasies. That’s why both FOE and Sierra Club announced they are looking forward to “a clean slate” from the Obama administration.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

BP, Shell Renewable Invest Cuts Make Business Sense – Royal Dutch Shell plc .com

Will second-generation biofuels replace wind power?

BP, Shell Renewable Invest Cuts Make Business Sense – Royal Dutch Shell plc .com

Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES - March 26, 2009

LONDON (Dow Jones)–BP PLC (BP) and Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) have angered environmental groups by quietly cutting back their investment in renewable energy, but experts said the move reflects a business reality that is hard to contest.

Most industry experts agree that oil and gas will continue to be the world’s main source of energy for decades to come and investing in projects to produce these fuels is what BP and Shell - the two major oil companies that have worked hardest to burnish their green credentials - do best and most profitably.As the low oil price reduces cash flow, oil companies find themselves under increasing pressure to invest in their core business and pay high dividends. Investors will demand that every investment dollar generate the maximum return, meaning renewables like wind and solar are likely to get short shrift.

-By James Herron, Dow Jones Newswires;

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catastrophic Failure of a Wind Turbine (On the beaten path)

Catastrophic Failure of a Wind Turbine (On the beaten path)

Link to this story removed by source

Recently a commercial wind turbine in Altona caught fire and collapsed. There were sounds like explosions coming from the turbine before the collapse.
We know about this catastrophic failure of a turbine chiefly because neighbors told us, and someone called 911 to have local fire companies dispatched to the site.
The owner of the wind farm, Noble Environmental Power, was issuing generic press releases within hours of the incident.
When a WPTZ Channel 5 News crew arrived at the wind farm, they found the road blocked by Noble trucks.
No member of the media ever got to the site of the collapsed turbine. And no one from the media ever talked to anyone from Noble on the record.
What that means is that Noble Environmental had a plan. At some point in the past officials sat around a table and decided only generic press releases would be issued, the road would be blocked, emergency personnel would be told to say nothing, etc.
Then when there was a disaster they carried out that plan.
The Press-Republican used aerial photos a local pilot had taken of the collapsed turbine. The photos showed it laying there smashed and blackened by flames.
That’s just the kind of image Noble was trying to prevent.
You can bet those officials will be sitting around a table again soon and brainstorming on ways to deal with this unauthorized information. Look for people to be ordering large tarps at area farm supply stores.
That way the leaders at Noble can activate Plan 9 and issue Press Release 24 without fear that anyone in the public will actually learn anything about what happened.
Since wind turbines have been coming down all over the world, Noble officials probably figured it could happen here. But instead of transparency they chose secrecy.
Based on what neighbors of the downed turbine said about it starting to rotate at unusually high speed before the explosion-like sound and fall, a possible cause could be failure of the braking system.

( The following is an example of turbine brake failure)

Days later, Noble issued another press release saying they found a "wiring anomaly" in the turbine that collapsed.What's that mean? Who knows? Noble officials won't explain.They only issue press releases.Updated March 26: It now looks like Noble also uses our Speakout column of anonymous opinions.
Probably part of their plan.The Speakout entry "Report facts" printed today slams the Press-Republican for asking questions about the collapse, and includes the statement: "Noble did an excellent job of making sure that no one was injured on the day of the turbine mishap."Guess only Noble employees would know that.
The details were never released to the press or public.Another Speakout item a couple days ago also berated the paper, and that one touted Noble as a major employer.
The writer may be confusing construction workers with permanent employees. It takes lots of people to build a wind farm, but only a couple to run it when it's built.Glad to see they're reading, though.

Posted by Lohr McKinstry on March 10, 2009 11:22 AM

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cape Vincent Wind Power Project

Map of combined wind projects proposed for Cape Vincent


Notice of Acceptance of Draft EIS and Public Hearing
Jefferson County - The Town of Cape Vincent Planning Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Power Project. A public hearing on the Draft EIS will be held on January 26, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. at the REC Park, 602, South James Street, Cape Vincent, NY. Written comments on the Draft EIS will be accepted until February 29, 2008. The action involves a proposed wind-powered generating facility of up to 140 wind turbines having a combined total maximum Project capacity of up to 210 megawatts. The Project will also include access roads, buried and aboveground electric cable, a substation, an operation and maintenance facility, and construction-related facilities including two temporary concrete batch plants. The Project is located approximately two miles southeast of the Village of Cape Vincent and six miles northwest of the Village of Chaumont, New York.

Contact: Richard J. Edsall, Town of Cape Vincent Planning Board, P.O. Box 915, Cape Vincent, NY 13618, Phone: (315) 654-3885.

This can also be linked at: http://www.dec.ny.gov/enb/20080102_not6.html

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Town of Cape Vincent
Jefferson County, New York
December 2007

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KESSEL QUOTES What He Really Thinks About Opposition to Off Shore Wind ~ THE ISLAND; A Live Wire At the Top Of LIPA - New York Times

THE ISLAND; A Live Wire At the Top Of LIPA - New York Times

Mr. Kessel, 55, has no intention of going until he is certain that, besides building more than a dozen power plants, he has implemented sufficient innovations, like off-shore windmills

That innovations, and new power plants, spark dissent goes without saying.

''If we stopped every project because there are people who oppose it, believe me, Queens would look like heaven compared to Long Island,'' Mr. Kessel says. ''The same people arguing against windmills are the ones doubling the size of their homes and installing central air and hot tubs.''

Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Wind Truth Alliance -- For Responsible Regulation

Welcome to Wind Truth Alliance -- For Responsible Regulation

I found this website interesting...

The story is the same. The global warming industry has created a wind rush and consequently citizens are being denied their rights.

Who are we? We are a group of citizens living predominantly in Logan and Champaign Counties of Ohio. We have formed an independent citizen interest group because our community is under siege by international industrial wind power conglomerates who want to turn our peaceful, residential and agricultural neighborhoods into one large manufacturing area.

No protection for dozens of issues faced elsewhere. The problem is that these wind companies want to erect turbines in our community in the wrong places, located without regard for the safety of others, and built with the country’s weakest zoning regulations.

These are local issues. Although many government agencies are promoting wind turbines, the fact is that our local communities have the constitutional power to permit, regulate and/or deny such an industry. Not the governor, the legislature, the PUCO, nor the federal government have the right to force wind turbines to be built here.

Make no mistake – wind turbines installations are a major industry and need to be regulated as such. These companies are not our friendly neighbors wanting to put up a storage building. They cannot be trusted to do the right thing when our regulations are too weak to address the issues – it is a business to them. Let’s make proper zoning of them a critical business to us too.

What is needed are time to conduct research and complete studies to help us rationally evaluate the pros and cons of this industry in our community; and reasonable people develop rational evaluations and create appropriate regulations to protect all of us.

Why are we fighting wind turbines? The governor wants them. Other politicians think they are great. You see wind turbines on television nearly every day. They seem to be the poster child for all people and companies wanting to appear to be GREENER than anyone else. There are several monumental issues to consider – is it the right technology for our area? Do wind turbines belong in residential areas – or are they better located away from highly populated areas?

We do know there is plenty wrong with the way this industry comes into communities like ours. Stealth is their number one operating policy – they quietly seek out quiet countryside's with the hopes they will find hungry property owners who will lease their lands with promises of income for 30 years or more --from typically under productive acres. One can begin to see why this prospect could be initially enticing!

They are in a hurry to get turbines erected before the US federal government looks at why France has ceased subsidizing wind turbines. We deserve to have local zoning regulations that adequately protect all land owners. It is wrong to encumber future generations with giant structures that are so weakly regulated. Proper zoning is critical to the success of such ventures, and even highly responsible companies need to have local regulations that will ensure their prompt repair, removal upon disuse, recourse provisions for citizens in the event they encounter problems like excessive noise, shadow flicker and electronic signal interferences. There are no height restrictions in the amendments – current towers are 500’ tall. What height will they be in 5 or 10 years? These regulation also don’t properly protect the townships and county governments from damages to roads from excessive traffic and weights during construction, so our taxes could be increased to pay for their repairs. The amendment has not even mentioned the issues of new electric transmission lines, eminent domain for those lines, access roads, and the substation which will be necessary to accept the electricity generated.

WAIT! Isn’t wind-generated electricity one great way to help stop global warming? The truth is no one really knows the answer to that question. Wind Truth Alliance just wants to give all of us the opportunity to ask the right questions and get the right answers to do the right things for our community - before it is too late.