BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aubertine: Those Cows are mine! Are those steer Darrel? Or a Whole Lotta Bull?

Aubertine: Those Cows are mine!
Aubertine: Those Cows are mine! Don't you go milking them cows Darrel .
Those may be steer Darrel , Or a whole lotta bull.
But them ain't cows!
Just stick with what you know best Darrel!
Milking the system!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ State Senator Darrel J. Aubertine, an upstate farmer, said he felt the loss of the pay he received for serving in the Legislature. Recently an article in the New York Post By STEPHEN CEASAR Published: July 21, 2010 Reported that, All 212 senators and Assembly members have gone without a paycheck since the beginning of April. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ That is what happens in the real world when you do not do your job ~ you do not get paid. The Albany Legislators have not done their job! No budget ~ No Pay ~ sounds fair to me! This No Budget No Pay rule has hit ~ Cape Vincent’s own Democratic Senator Darrel Aubertine; the New York Times article reported that Darrel runs a dairy farm that does not yield much of a profit. Not surprising because I "herd" in actuality Darrel sold all his cows and now the Aubertine triple A dairy farm is no longer a dairy farm, I "herd" that Darrel's growing grass and making hay instead. “We’re just like any other family,” Mr. Aubertine said. “If you woke up tomorrow and didn’t have a paycheck for four months, that certainly would make things difficult.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darrel is in luck! Andrew Cuomo's optional ethics code only has provisions for ethics concerning municipal officers, this code was tailor made for Darrel Aubertine, he has options , he could sign a few more wind leases to increase his wind "Wind Fall" And because he is not a municipal officer Darrel Aubertine would not have to disclose his new wind leases. Plus Because Darrel Aubertine is not a municipal officer and Andrew Cuomo's optional ethics code does not apply to him, this means that Darrel could possibly be in a position to help New York state meet its goals for a renewable Portfolio Standard. As a matter of fact with everything that Darrel Aubertine has done in Cape Vincent already to help the wind companies they should be paying him, maybe he could be paid retroactively for all his assistance in turning Cape Vincent into an industrial wasteland and turning neighbor against neighbor, but exactly how much do you pay someone for such an invaluable service, just how much is this worth? Darrel is in a position to work as a go between ~ a sort of liaison officer to the wind company and government to facilitate the wind projects and make a few turbine bucks too ~ a win wind for everyone except the tax payers, wouldn’t you say, since ethics do not seem to apply to everyone in New York state perhaps it is feasible. Maybe Darrel should stop by the Acciona offices and check it out! Wait, didn't I just read a post on Jefferson's leaning Left telling us that Senator Darrel Aubertine met with Tim Conboy, Senior Project Development Manager for Acciona's Cape Vincent Industrial Wind Project, at the Acciona office just before noon on the day the Cape Vincent FEIS fiasco was announced. One can only speculate what he was doing at Acciona's offices; he wasn't milking a cow that’s for damn sure. I cannot take credit for this next suggestion but, a friend sent me an email suggesting that voters for wind get together and hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Mr. Aubertine. I have to say that I think that this is an perfect idea they could advertise, come and support Darrel Aubertine “he’s one of us". They could even make green pancakes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All kidding aside~ take a look at the quote below by Darrel Aubertine “We’re just like any other family,” Mr. Aubertine said. “If you woke up tomorrow and didn’t have a paycheck for four months that certainly would make things difficult.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a personal message for Mr. Aubertine My family and many other families in Cape Vincent Woke up and discovered that our community had been sold out by dirty politicians for personal greed ~ forever changing our lives ~ costing us time and money~
We have found ourselves in a position where we have to defend our homes , our future against foreign wind companies BP and Acciona, they are in it for profit this is our lives ~ time lost that can never be returned.
Money can never replace hours spent fighting, these industrial giants, what you have taken away you have taken pieces of our lives by your selfish, self serving greed.
I do not expect you to understand your kind only understands money. That is why you and your kind are so willing to sell Cape Vincent for so little just , another piece of land …
These foreign wind companies knew who to approach when they came to town , they knew who would sell out their neighbors and their community .
As they say birds of a feather flock together, look at BP now this is what is behind the fake green and yellow community friendly emblem , both Acciona $ British Petroleum have but one goal and don't get in their way , they will stop at nothing!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spain cuts subsidies for wind, thermosolar power | Reuters

MADRID | Fri Jul 2, 2010 4:18pm EDT

July 2 (Reuters) - Spain has agreed with renewable energy associations to cut subsidies which have made the country leading producer of wind and solar power but saddled utilities with billions of euros of debt, the Industry Ministry said on Friday.

The Ministry added in a statement that premiums paid to wind power producers above market prices would be cut by 35 percent in 2013, when a current subsidy scheme expires, while the hours would be reduced for which both wind and thermosolar plants would be eligible to receive premiums. (Reporting by Martin Roberts; Editing by Marguerita Choy)