Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Attorney General Schneiderman Ignores Corruption to Pursue New York's Aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard

This note and article about New York State Attorney General Schneiderman were sent to me in an email this morning.
I always hope I am wrong about this. I would love to be surprised. But signs do indicate that the current Atty. Gen is even less concerned about wind development related small town corruption than was his predecessor. Signs suggest that he will not tread into the conflicts-of-interest problems that afflict many small towns in NY and seem to be part of wind development standard practice. But the Atty. Gen does seem very interested in halting one of the biggest sources of income to come NY’s way in a long time (see below) and (coincidentally?) the biggest thing to fly in the face of Big Wind since Big Wind was conceived.
Intolerance for local corruption – at least that involving conflicts of interest over wind development -- is going to require a local response ----- at the polls.

Signed Anonymous
State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against the Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies for disregarding his demand they enforce national environmental reviews of proposed regulations that would permit a controversial form of horizontal drilling underground for natural gas. More From Albany Times Union Blog Here
Anonymous is right we do not have the luxury of waiting for the State to intervene in our problems New York State has a very aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard with no strings attached. New York State is pushing an agenda without being concerned about the consequences that this agenda will have on its citizens. The political powers in our state have been interested in developing renewable energy, but they have failed to look at the results or to regulate the process. Renewable energy is not a benign process; it may be called green but it is not. There are human consequences when turbines are improperly sited.

The note that I received from Anonymous coupled with the article about Schneiderman’s suit against the Army Corps of Engineers reminded me of a letter that I wrote to the Attorney General’s office, describing what has been happening in Cape Vincent, and AG Schneiderman’s insulting response to my letter.

Excerpts from my letter
The town of Cape Vincent is facing an issue of a magnitude never seen before in the history of this tiny community. Two industrial power giants have approached the towns of Cape Vincent and Lyme proposing to erect approximately 137 turbines over, 400’’ feet tall each, amongst our homes. Cape Vincent does not currently have zoning laws in place to protect its citizens and the turbines have been cleverly designated as utilities to avoid any future zoning restrictions. Deals were made, contracts signed and plans set before the public was informed. Town officials having signed contracts with wind developers creating conflicts of interests, proposed zoning regulations framed to benefit the wind companies and stakeholders, not the public. There has been talk of officials holding secret meetings. Our town government has been conducting business as though they have their own secret society.

My letter to the AG went into more detail about what has been happening in Cape Vincent and our struggles to date. The response that I received from Schneiderman's office was both disappointing and insulting, it demonstrates that our government is out of touch with the realities that citizens in this state are dealing with.
I am representative of a community in distress a community under siege and we are being ignored.

Apparently Schneiderman thinks corruption is not worthy of his time …

Below is a copy of ERIC T. SCHNEIDERMAN’s form letter that was sent to me by his dysfunctional office.
Clearly, Schneiderman’s letter represents New York States unbalanced agenda...

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