Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Scary distraction

 It’s good to see the Cape Vincent community coming together to support our elementary school I was hoping we could move beyond the destructive divisiveness Cape’s anti- wind group has dragged our community through. But just as we are rallying support for our community’s school, the anti- wind group goes online and labels our community members as Nazis and terrorists.
Anti- wind blogs are no different than tabloids. Bloggers believe Cape is so full of gullible people that if they repeat ridiculous fictions over and over, they will eventually become true in the minds of people. First, they say something is a certain number, a few months later that number is double, a few months later the number is tripled. When one fictitious number isn’t scary enough, they come up with a higher scarier fictitious numbers. Just recently, a blogger said the wind turbines proposed for Cape will be twice the size of the test tower near Route 12E. But it’s well known the test tower covers the full height of a turbines tower. Besides, why would a tower’s height anemometer be only at the half way mark of a turbines height? These are scare tactics of people who don’t have facts on their side.
Nothing could be more divisive than their recent mass mailer. They list names of community members, as if they’re enemies belonging on a hit list. The Mailer is full of the characteristics of Capes anti- wind group is known for: blowing things out of proportion, blatant inaccuracies and deliberately misleading graphics. The group doesn’t even get their own name right on their mailer. They call themselves an energy group instead of an Ethics group. Did they lose their ethics? And the president of this group wants to run for our town board?
While bloggers hide behind their fake names, they repeatedly smear the real names of our community members because of imagined crimes. Cape’s anti- wind group has sued our community members twice and lost twice. Both times the State Supreme Court confirmed the crimes were imagined by the anti- wind group. But does that stop bloggers from repeatedly smearing our innocent community members and calling them criminals? No. Bloggers care more about being popular than providing facts or helping a community. One Blogger boasts every day how many people he’s lured to his tabloid- like blog. And one online anti- wind calls himself Pater, which means Holy Father. While our community is going through a crisis of the possible school closing, the anti-wind bloggers are doing all they can to distract people from the fact that wind revenue will benefit our school district.
Cape’s anti- wind group is just scaring our community members. And it’s a shame they are doing this during difficult times.

Harvey White
Cape Vincent

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