Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jeri Mason

FormerTown Clerk indicted on charges of stealing from Cape Vincent

A former Cape Vincent town clerk has been charged with stealing up to $50,000 from the town.

Jeri Mason was indicted on charges of grand larceny and defrauding the government.

She's accused of falsifying monthly financial reports.

If convicted, Mason could face up to seven years in state prison.


The following is a news release from the Office of the New York State Attorney General:
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the indictment and arrest of Jeri Mason, the former Town Clerk, who is charged with stealing up to $50,000 from the Town of Cape Vincent.

Arraigned in Jefferson County Court on a three count indictment before the Honorable Kim Martusewicz, Mason was charged with Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, Defrauding the Government, and Official Misconduct.

"This individual breached the public trust by using her office as a personal bank account. Anyone who uses their position to steal from taxpayers for their own personal gain will be vigorously prosecuted by my office," Attorney General Schneiderman said. "Rooting out public corruption is a top priority for my office, and we are steadfastly committed to prosecuting government abuse wherever it exists."

According to the indictment, from April 2009 to September 2010, Jeri Mason engaged in a fraudulent scheme that involved falsely representing the amount of revenue the Town was collecting.

Mason is alleged to have conducted this scheme while acting in her capacity as the Town Clerk, an elected position.

More specifically, the indictment alleges that in her official capacity as Town Clerk, Mason falsified monthly reports that reflected the amount of money she collected for the Town.

The indictment further alleges that the scheme resulted in Mason stealing more than three thousand dollars that should have been remitted to the Town.

The Attorney General's investigation began after being contacted by the New York State Police.

Mason faces two felony charges and one misdemeanor charge (Grand Larceny in the 3rd degree -- a Class D felony, Defrauding the Government -- a Class E felony, and Official Misconduct -- a Class A Misdemeanor). If convicted, Mason could be incarcerated for a maximum period of 2 and 1/3 to 7 years in state prison.

Today's action follows Attorney General Schneiderman's initiative, announced earlier this year, to appoint public integrity officers in the 13 regional offices in the state.

The effort calls for a crackdown on public officials who use taxpayer funds for their own benefit.

The regional public integrity officers provide a local "watch dog" for citizens to report corruption to.

This initiative, coupled with the AG's recently announced partnership with the Office of the State Comptroller, provide the Attorney General with the authority to investigate and potentially prosecute any wrongdoing involving government spending, including member items, contracts, and pension fraud and contribute to his efforts to root out government waste, fraud and corruption.

"I strongly believe that those of us who believe in government as a force for good in people's lives must be the harshest critics of waste, fraud and abuse in the public sector. We must do everything in our power to hold wrongdoers accountable," Attorney General Schneiderman said. "I'd also like to thank the New York State Police for their assistance with the investigation."

This case was adjourned to October 14th before Judge Martusewicz.

Ms. Mason is currently released on her own recognizance.

The charges against Mason are allegations. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

The case is being handled by Colleen M. Glavin, Assistant Attorney General in the Albany Office, under the supervision of Public Integrity Bureau Chief William E. Schaeffer and Deputy Chief Stacy Aronowitz.

Investigator Scott Petucci under Supervising Investigator Antoine Karem assisted with the investigation of the case.

Anyone with additional information on this matter or any other public corruption is encouraged to contact the Attorney General's office at 1-800-996-4630


Anonymous said...

But what about Putnam, was he involved too?

Anonymous said...

Is she related to the dope on the town board???

Anonymous said...

She martys sisterand even though they deny it Marty & Don are cousins

Anonymous said...

Well, that's how the current cabal skips around "taxpayer fraud". They have an escrow account with ACCIONA which is supposed to save taxpayers money in costs related to wind projects, etc. However, those very funds seem only to be used for ACCIONA to buy town officials and lawyers for them to support their conflicts of interest. Providing opinions as to their liabilities related to their corruption. Plus, their bogus "scientific" research costs. All of this still hasn't been disclosed, which it should be since it will ultimately be charged off as expenses if they ever do get a project finished. It would be funny if ACCIONA sued the town and then had to pay for the town's own legal expenses on top of it all. I doubt they will ever see a day in court. I applaud the AG for this indictment. We'll see this little pigeon whistle a tune before this is over. . It seems the women in these families are all being sent to the wolves. They call themselves men? What kind of women would have anything to do with them other than mothers and sisters? I really don't want to know how sick this gets, it's already pretty sick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Growing up in Cape Vincent, I witnessed quite a bit of thievery by fellow students. Small things like school baseballs and hubcaps and larger items like tools, tires and equipment.
Thinking about it now, about 90% of it was done by residents of the Rosiere area, as if were acceptable behavior. It seems to have been passed on to future generations as if it was ok unless you were caught.
In decades that followed, some HAVE been caught and others highly suspect. The little Hamlet of Rosiere has fostered more than it's share of larceny over the years.

Anonymous said...

Imagine. One person steals money that should have gone to schools and the fire department while her relatives are using the lack of funding as an excuse to sleep with the devil himself. Just another example of corruption and how far it goes up the ladder to fiscal chaos. When public taxes are spent without accountability, what difference does it make how much they collect? You have to wonder how much total waste and fraud they have indulged in. I hope when the opportunity arises for a full accounting a lot more indictments get handed down. At least once you're convicted of a felony you can't run for public office. "Oh, yeah, Mason. Wasn't that the one who was caught stealing our taxes?". Yeah, those Masons. "Gee, I hope the town don't think we had nothing to do with it".

Anonymous said...

So, which one gets conjugals, Donny or Marty? Just "cousins" , right?

Anonymous said...

It's A Family Affair

Anonymous said...

"You never come out the same way you went in". With the price of cigarettes behind bars the family budget just ate up all the profits from selling out. Anyway, "Project Adam" will grill her for everything she knows and they'll spit her out soon enough. The sooner she spits out what she has in her (tiny little brain), the faster they'll let her go.

Anonymous said...

It's harvest time fellas. There's a storm a comin'. Better get the cows in the barn and the hay in the loft. There's a few strays getting attacked by the wolves prowling around, too. They'll be going after the rest of the herd soon enough. Maybe that's the sort of analogy you'll understand? An analogy is sort of a way to tell someone what's going to happen in a way they might understand their situation. Your backers don;t care, they covered their butts when you signed their "confidential" agreements .All they have to do is get another project manager. You get hung out to dry in the (uninterrupted) wind.