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Sunday, September 11, 2011

* Cape Vincent has a history of Staged plots to maintain Good ole Boys network

Marty Mickey & Donny say the pledge of allegiance

At the August 11, 2011.
Harold Wiley Spoke about what he called "immoral" voting. Harold also presented his infamous petition to the Town Board a petition designed to restrict seasonal voting with the intention of assisting the conflicted board members reelection.
Immediately after Harold presented his petition
Councilman Donny Mason said, “I am glad Harold Wiley spoke up with his resolution …ah petition, I saw the petition 4 or 5 days ago and I ah agree. I agree with it 100%, that there’s stuff going on, whether it’s illegal, not illegal who knows. The county says there’s a lot a grey areas umm so I drew up a resolution, this would stop voter fraud if there’s any happening.”
“ I can’t believe anybody would be against not taking care of voter fraud, if it’s happening. Everybody ought to be in favor of non-voter fraud.”
When Donny Mason introduced his resolution to the Town Board August 11, 2011, he said that he saw Harold Wiley’s petition and that because he agreed 100% drew up a resolution to stop voter fraud.
If you compare the Petition to the Resolution, the language is identical.
This is not the first time that our conflicted board members have participated in a seemingly staged plot to maintain their power base in the community .One such event took place at the January 13, 2011 prior to the start of this meeting, I observed a group of people huddled within the dark shadows of the parking lot. Among those in the huddle were private citizens and one Planning Board representative Thomas K. Reinbeck and one Town Board representative Donny Mason.
I laughingly thought they must have been discussing strategy…
After the meeting started most of the people that were huddled in a the parking lot conference stood tall as they proudly read from the same book, the same speech, the same page ~ waxing as eloquently as possible. Gary King, Bob Gauthier, Tom Reinbeck, Darrel Burton &Paul Mason all spoke quoting the law chapter and verse each and every one of these men accused Supervisor Urban Hirschey of being conflicted, because he had once belonged to a group that was for ethics in wind development,(WPEG) .
They accused Mr. Hirschey of being unethical for releasing the documents that were included in the Abraham affidavit for the WPEG article 78 lawsuit. In addition, not only did Tom Rienbeck accuse Hirschey of wrongdoing but he took a swipe at Michelle Bouchard in his accusations as well.

Because of the citizens that complained about Supervisor Hirschey Marty Mason decided to take action. Marty Mason said that he feels that in light of the information brought forward, that he wants a discussion and he wanted to hear from the other board members to look into this and see if possible laws have been broken. He wants the Attorney general to look into Supervisors conflict of interest. He wants the DA to look into this too.
Mickey Orvis agreed and added that he wanted a letter sent to the Jefferson County Board of ethics for their opinion on the conflict. Don Mason said he agreed and in his eyes, the Supervisor did something very bad. The papers were sent out and there should be an investigation. Brooks said that the subject matter has to do with discovery in a lawsuit and there is a certain amount of protocol going back if one party sues another about requesting information. He feels the Supervisor did nothing wrong.

Marty asked Attorney Gebo to proceed with the investigation and attorney Gebo said he would follow the lead of the board.

Resolution #10
A motion was made by Marty to have Attorney Gebo contact the DA and the attorney General to look into possible conflict of interest by the Supervisor. Don Mason seconded with the request that Attorney Gebo contact Todd Mathis if he needs more information.
Roll call:
Supervisor Hirschey Abstain
Councilman Mickey Orvis YES
Councilman Brooks Bragdon NO
the motion was carried
This was presented to the Attorney General and The New York state attorney general did not even entertain the stupidity of the Mason’s frivolous action that was born out of a desperate attempt to prevent the oligarchy from losing their position of authority and control in our community.

In the past our sleepy little town was just that, we lived in an incongruous harmony a community divided and this was sustainable for a time, until the "powers that be" crossed the line and suddenly the “Outsiders” discovered what was happening right under their noses. How dare we object?


Anonymous said...

As an "outsider" I believe our willingness to live in peace with our neighbors and try to get along is viewed as stupidity. I have been shocked at the so called unwritten "chain of command" that is well established here in families, business actions, etc. If anyone dares to think for oneself or raise an alternate view, they are immediately labled the rival that must be destroyed.
How many families live here, that hate each other due to this? It is truly a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Scoundrels...dirty rotten scoundrels. If you have not been motivated yet to be part of the political clean-up detail in Cape Vincent then it is hard to know what would motivate you.

Please don't sit back and hope that others will take care of all this for you.

If you are a seasonal resident, it is not too late to switch your voter registration to here. Don't you have more at stake here than elsewhere where you hang your hat? I am almost certain you do.

Anonymous said...

I hope the elections clean up this mess. Illegal laws can be reversed easily enough. To have the Masons convicted of ethics violations would be the cherry. They would have to be stood before a judge and told, in black and white, that they are guilty of violating the public trust, and traitors to their oath of office. Whatever the fine is doesn't matter. A misdemeanor does. They get to be shown for the petty people they really are.

Anonymous said...

I dedicated the song "In the Air tonight" to Donny and Marie Mason tomorrow night.
Phil Collin's fans will get it. Unfortunately, Donny and Marie will be too busy getting drunk and conniving.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the elections don't solve the problem. If the DA refuses to do what is right, and investigate these people then it will be settled much more concretely. Other than simply "losing an election" they can be prosecuted for ethics violations. That has a lot more teeth in it. Since Mr Hirschey was not found to be in violation of any ethics, it's not likely the judge or DA's office is is politically motivated or corrupted. I thin people want to do the right thing, they just have to e told that it's ok. There are only a small percentage of loudmouths out there who say people are stupid for trying. Like the phrase i was hearing from the Mason crowd about "tin hats". I told them they can keep their tin hats, and take their own "meds",,,, that's what got them where they are in the first place. You just have to turn what they say right back on them, because that's where it belongs. Liars and thieves will accuse everyone else of being liars and thieves. The best analogy for these clowns is like watching a chicken run around with its head cut off. Eventually they stop squawking. I think that time is about here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We seek to have lost the attention of all those scumbags. Come on "fellas" , tell us in your eloquence how you're so honorable and ethical. Listen, I never did get one of those tinfoil hats you wanted us all to wear, nor those meds you take. If you still have any I can sell them on Ebay as collector's items after you get your asses kicked on Tuesday. I don't want used ones, thanks. Cooties, you know.

Anonymous said...

The chain of command in the justice system. A person commits a misdemeanor, the local district attorney prosecutes the case before a judge. The judge finds the person guilty and sets the punishment accordingly. Felonies and other federal crimes are tried in Federal court. If a conflicted town board member in fact has violated his oath of office charges must be filed with the District Attorney's office who in turn will investigate and determine if in fact there has been a crime committed. This is not something that the conflicted person's lawyer gets to decide. he may very well give legal advise, but he can't be the investigating lawyer. Again, the masons have been told that thyey are at risk of ethics violations if they act in a ceratin way and just because the Att't General hasn't done anything it doesn't matter, It's the District Attorney who has jurisdiction in this matter. The lawyers are controlling public opinion but they are wrong in the sense that just because the Atty General hasn't done anything they are in the clear.
A non conflicted member or citizen with evidence that an ethics violation has indeed occurred has the right to contact the DA's office and request an investigation. If either of the Masons or anyone else hasn't actually passed any laws that violate their ethics codes, then there has been no crime committed. I would suggest that the passage of the resolution was a blatant violation even if it was rescinded. It wasn't done so voluntarily, and still both Masons voted NO. Even though that vote itself should have been recused. Since they were the ones who violated the voting laws in the first place. Either way, I would suggest Mr. Hirschey and his colleagues request an investigation regardless.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that this was all a "staged plot" to hand the town over to responsible leaders? Political suicide in order to save a town? How Nobel. That was the man who invented nitroglycerin wasn't it? Blew up the world and took the profits and gave away "Peace Prizes" to people who try to stop war. Yup. Makes perfect sense. Listen, fellas, just make "certian" that the gum you chew while you walk on your knuckles isn't plastique.