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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cory White : So how does the minority that elected Urban feel about his leadership now?

Hirschey is wasting taxpayers' money


I was shocked when I saw the recent ad by the anti-wind coalition. In this ad, the coalition compares windmills placed in the windiest sections of New York to the attack on Pearl Harbor, in which more than 2,400 American soldiers lost their lives. Coalition members are comparing their disappointment that cocktails on their summer home patios won't be the same anymore to the murder of 2,400-plus Americans on Dec. 7, 1941. This ad is incredibly disrespectful and Cape Vincent Town Council member Brooks Bragdon should be ashamed to be a member of this coalition.

Cape town Supervisor Urban Hirschey recently had an audit done for the town's finances because he and the Cape anti-wind group had themselves convinced that former Supervisor Tom Rienbeck and others on the town board were corrupt.

What did Urban's auditor find? Nothing. Urban assumed the audit would take two weeks, but because Supervisor Rienbeck's accounting was so accurate and thorough, the auditor was done in a day. Will Urban make taxpayers pay for this frivolous audit?

Urban's anti-wind group already wasted thousands of our tax money in their 2007 frivolous lawsuit against the town. Of course, they lost that lawsuit.

Just recently, Urban's anti-wind group almost dragged us into another frivolous lawsuit against town board members, but they realized they'd lose this lawsuit too, so they withdrew it last week. The chairman of Urban's anti-wind group, John Byrne, said they withdrew the lawsuit because after the November '09 election "the make-up of the board had changed."

If this is the real, reason, why did the anti-wind group file the lawsuit in January 2010 and schedule a court appearance in February 2010?

Urban has also already squandered the allotted money for the supervisor's cell phone by buying an expensive phone with all the bells and whistles. He still has 10 months of expensive monthly payments for coverage. Will Urban make taxpayers pay for this wasteful spending?

Last month, Urban was expected to compete an annual financial report to the state comptroller, but Urban didn't want to do the report and didn't even want to learn how to do it. So he hired Mr. Rienbeck and paid him $2,000 to do it for him. Is this $2,000 coming out of the town budget?

So how does the minority that elected Urban feel about his leadership now?

Cory White


Anonymous said...

Interesting. How can a "minority" vote anyone into office? Also, what about the "resolution" to prevent a majority of eligible voters from voting in the coming elections? That came from the pro-wind people, not Mr. Hirschey. Also, if the audit found no discrepancies, why is a relative of at least two of the board members in jail for stealing tax dollars?
Seriously, "you people" really need to take your medications. Admit that you've gone down a dark alley with the devil. Truth is the light,, follow the light. It won't hurt you. Unless maybe you made deals you can't get out of without losing your souls to the devil himself. Maybe you think thousands of tons of concrete on farm land is a viable alternative to actual farming? It would certainly look like Pearl Harbor, believe me. Concrete makes a handy memorial, don't you think? get your facts straight, anyway. Think you could do that before engaging your mouth?

Anonymous said...

Are there two Cory Whites writing conflicting comments here? This is a short excerpt from another Cory White who responded to another guy named White who wrote the times.
"Mr. White. You ask is Urban Hirschey the legitimate supervisor? The election was certified by the Jefferson county board of elections. Legally registered voters of Cape Vincent voted for Urban Hirschey as Town Supervisor. Are you accusing the Jefferson County board of elections of misconduct or a violation of election law? " Which raises another question, why , if someone already knew that the board of elections was a legitimate agency. why would someone challenge the voting laws,,, such as some named Harvey White? Someone should tell Cory White that Cory White is contradicting him here. Must be one of those pro/anti- wind people who makes threats against themselves. Is wind making these people bi-polar? Right about now I can think of a better use for all that concrete. Build these pro wind people a nice quiet loony bin. Pipe in the sound of screaming geese when the hit the turbine blades. That'll make them happier.

Anonymous said...

As James Brown put it

"Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you"

Anonymous said...

As a 37-year veteran of military service, I see nothing disrespectful in the ad in question. It is true that someone wants what we have and will go to extremes to get it even if people are opposed.

Anonymous said...

The election in Cape was stollen with absentee ballotts.

the true winner was Tommy Reinbeck you people know it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the veteran. American soldiers fight and die for freedom while ours is being taken away by greedy foreign developers

Anonymous said...

September 5, 2011 8:24 AM
The election in Cape was stollen with absentee ballotts.

Stollen is a fruit cake and so are you

Anonymous said...

Reinbeck is in his sixties and people still call him Tommy. Tommy and his playmates need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that accepts, or is voted into a position requiring bookkeeping would be foolish to not audit the records. This is to protect taxpayers as well as each person that accepts a position of responsiblity. Even in the military hand receipts are inventoried prior to assuming or leaving command. Descrepancies can be caused by many things. Audits allow any deficiencies to be corrected before they get out of hand, and protect everyone.

Anonymous said...

I thought about the word "threats" used by a Cory White in another article.I would assume that any threat of an audit, or any threat of public accountability would bother some people. Threats of arrest, jail time, expulsion, or simple threats of being voted out of office. I can see how these sort of "threats"would bother some people. Maybe it was the threat that if they try to keep people from voting they would get arrested? Yeah, in that sense, anti wind people are very "threatening". Not like when a man wishes to speak or record a town meeting conducted in an illegal manner and gets the cops called on him. That's how they see their one sided argument. If you try to stop this immoral and illegal way of running a town, you're the one who'll be threatened. Check the books and see how many of these people paid in "cash" for their taxes the last 7 years. No receipt? Right.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a bad person, I just like the attention. I'm never capricious for no reason, and no matter what I do, I'm always ubiquitous. That's what a Mason would say if he only had the intellect to be facetious. Instead, you just get fecious. (don't look it up, I made it up)
It fits, though.

Anonymous said...

There was once a time when there were two forms of protest when people disagreed with government. One was turning the flag upside down and one was burning it. That wasn't from the sixties, it was from the 18th century. It was the only way people could show the government that they disagreed with an unjust law or taxation. To fly the flag now sends two messages. One, you support corruption and abuse of power, and the other you oppose it. Essentially, your right to protest has been nullified. People are regaining that sense of justice, and we want our flag back. It belongs to the people, just like the government does. Try to get that through your "brick" skulls.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Harvey wrote this for Cory?

Anonymous said...

Hirschey served our country in the Armed Forces... Did you, Cory?