Monday, September 19, 2011

Due to paperwork error, Cape Vincent, Clayton, Wilna won't field Dem candidates

Watertown Daily Times | Due to paperwork error, Cape Vincent, Clayton, Wilna won't field Dem candidates
September 19, 2011

The towns of Cape Vincent, Clayton and Wilna won't field Democratic candidates in this November's elections because party officials there didn't tell the county Board of Elections that they'd be holding caucuses 10 days in advance.Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times


Anonymous said...

Did they think they could bypass the caucus by submitting a list of chosen candidates?

PissedOffDem said...

Harold wanted to endorse Marty Mason, Donnie Mason, Harvey White, Kirk...You all know who they are. Harold and Jim got word that there were actual card carring democrates that were going to step up at the caucus and seek nominations. By not filing paperwork, the Wileys killed any challenge from within there own party....As a democrate for over 50 years I am sickend by what these scumbags have done to my party... I wil be voting Republican in November. As for Hubbard, the only way he gets my or my families votes is to show up at my door with Urban, Cliff or John.

Anonymous said...

Even rats won't eat this garbage. Those with no shame whatsoever will dare to shot their faces around town. That arrogant look on their faces will disappear in November. I'd say any Democrat that was thinking of running was already dead in the water because of the scum running on the surface. Better off saving their reputations and running sometime in the future. No one says democrats have to vote at all. Party lines get crossed all the time anyway. It's not the ticket, it's the man running. This is just as desperate as the resolution scheme, it's as though they just want to hand it over to the right people. Think of it as their way of doing the right thing by being such scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of scumbags, how are you tonight Laura? I know you'll read this shit because like the man said, you like abuse. BSM, Blog Sada-Masochism. Anyone who can threaten to burn someone's house down in public is asking for it. Admit it. What ever happened to NNY Democrats? Nixon was right. He should have kept some of you in school 7 days a week.