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Wind Energy and Radar: A National Security Issue


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~~~~~Today there is an article in Master resource by Lisa Linnowes , Ms. Linowes is an expert on the impacts of industrial-scale wind energy development on the natural environment, communities, and the regional grid systems. A conservation and land use advocate with over 20 years of executive business experience, Ms. Linowes has held high-profile elected and volunteer positions in community planning, land negotiation, and education outreach.
Wind Energy and Radar: A National Security Issue — MasterResource
by Lisa Linowes
September 26, 2011

Military leaders are under pressure to not disrupt White House green energy policies even while green energy technology is disrupting our navigation aids and impairing U.S. national security.

Washington has a track record of muzzling military testimony to protect its pet policies and political friends. Last week, Air Force Gen. William Shelton admitted he was pressured by the administration to change his testimony regarding LightSquared’s network and its adverse impact on military space-based navigation systems. We applaud Shelton for not bowing to the pressure.

But the military has not been honest about the effect wind turbine technology has on our national radar systems.

The fact is that our air space has been made less safe by turbines and our national security compromised because of a reckless policy of siting wind towers within 50-miles of radar installations. Military radar experts in the field know the damage that’s been done. But with the debate surrounding energy policy dominated by politics and money, the military has bowed to the pressure.

Read the complete article written by Lisa Linnowes at Master resource ~link here

The Watertown Times printed an article titled
That is a question the federal government may have to tackle if the Department of Homeland Security does as Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., has asked, and deploys military-grade radar along the U.S.-Canadian border to nab low-flying aircraft. The Defense Department has warned that wind turbines interfere with radar and has opposed their placement near military installations.
Turbines' effect on radar has not been a big issue along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, where developers have eyed a number of locations for wind farms. That could change if DHS deploys the more sophisticated radar — something Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano strongly hinted last week could happen.
Additionally, this same Watertown Times article includes quotes by Jim Madden Bp's former project manager in regard to what he thought about RADAR DEPLOYMENT and the possibility that Turbines may produce false detection readings on U.S.-Canada border .
"It's certainly something we study," said Madden.
Mr. Madden said the issue has not surfaced at Bp's 86 turbine project proposed for Cape Vincent, and he was not familiar with DHS's possible plans for radar. Adjustments in radar software often can fix the problem, he said, depending on the type used.
Report to the Congressional Defense Committees the Effect of Windmill Farms on Military readiness link ~ here ~

Military tests conducted between 2002 and 2005 by the U. S. Air force and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense found that wind turbines located within the line of sight of military radar can adversely affect its ability to track aircraft and other aerial objects.
These findings virtually stopped the development of wind energy facilities across the country.

The FAA halted work on about a dozen land-based wind farm projects that were within the line of sight of any military radar. The Sierra Club sued the Pentagon in June of 2006, for failing to complete the report within the mandated time period. In an attempt to force the release of the Department of Defense Report two Democratic Senators from Illinois, Richard (Dick) Durbin and Barack Obama, blocked a Senate vote on a Defense Department nominee Robert L. Wilkie and they announced that they would block the nomination of Andrew Steinberg to be Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a conclusive determination as to whether the operation of wind farms under construction in the Midwest will interfere with radar systems.~~~
Without this certainty, potential investors will fear that their resources could be lost.
The Sierra club published a post on their website
stating that the DOD released their report in response to their lawsuit. Claiming that the result of the DOD's report was "vindication of the Club's position , that windmill construction should move forward". We now seem to be back where we started with the radar issue back on the horizon. This is a matter of public safety not an issue that needs to be expedited by political arm twisting or by court room theatrical maneuvers by wind lobbyists.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

This is the press release from Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Barack Obama ~ click here ~ to view actual page

This is the press release from Senator Durbin's website ~ click here ~ to view actual page

This is the press release from Senator Durbin's website ~ click here ~ to read report


Mual Pason said...

Just one more reason NOT to place turbines around here. Proximity to Ft. Drum.

Anonymous said...

The best way to tell if there's going to be a "terrorist attack" is knowing also when "maneuvers" are being scheduled. 9/11 is still being investigated and evidence has already been established that military grade thermitics were used. This is indisputable evidence gathered in the dust particles. Thermite leaves a trace signature that is not found in natural circumstances. This addition to the interference with RADAR is just another example of the double standard Homeland Security and the White House play on the public at large. Ronald Dumsfeld worked for the chemical company that manufactured thermite/ or thermate. Mixtures of iron and aluminum dust combined with another ingredient that can both melt steel and explode breaking steel beams. Both forms were used as scientific evidence will prove in court. It's only a matter of time before this will become more public. Ronald Dumsfeld and friends have a lot to hide, and keeping people afraid and quiet is his best defense. That's the only thing he was ever good at, defending the administration from accountability. There is no statute of limitations on murder and treason. Even though Bush issued PARDONS to everyone involved as a going away present. Including Ari Sheiffer. White house press secretary. Say it ain't so? Look it up. BP/ACCONIA are top dog scumbags and have no place doing business in the U.S.. Let them all go to Dubai with Haliburton and the Bin laden Group.
( neighbors as a matter of fact).

Stay Focused said...

"It's only a matter of time before this will become more public."

Please. I'm sorry. I can't focus on this.

I'm still preoccupied with exposing the fact that Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor ahead of time and let it happen.


Anonymous said...

"Please" What yourself, and most others with your flippant dismissal of comments, don't realize is that every scam and every war is caused by the same greedy people. If people could "focus" on any one of these issues while they are still accountable, maybe the cycle could be broken. We are constantly chasing red herrings while they just keep coming up with new scams and scandals. Your flippant comment is just as bad as telling someone to forget about the very corruption and conflicts of interest that caused Cape Vincent's own current problems. 9/11 was an inside job. BP should be thrown out of the country along with ACCIONA. And yes, Roosevelt was also up to his eyeballs with Hitler and Stalin as well. "Please", indeed.