Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing Personal But...

At the Town of Cape Vincent Planning Board meeting May 6, 2009, Planning Board Chair Richard Edsall Said ~ if you want a personal wind turbine now is the time to go for it before there is a wind law in Cape Vincent.
By August 13, 2009, At least four people had taken Edsalls advice and were given permits for personal wind turbines.
Not too long ago Edsall took his own advice as well, recently applying for personal wind turbine permits. As did Marty Mason and several other Cape Vincent residents knowing that, a wind development moratorium would be instituted in order to allow time for the development of a wind law.
The personal wind turbine permit holders were notified by letter that their permits had been revoked.
There has been some controversy about this letter; some have said that it was illegal because it was signed by Supervisor Hirschey and not the Zoning Enforcement Officer. However, it is my understanding ,that this letter was crafted by an attorney and as far as it being signed by Supervisor Hirschey, a mere technicality.

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Anonymous said...

Despite what some of the un-informed might think, Mr. Hirschey was well within his rights to send out that letter. And, you can be sure that it was written and approved by an Atty. who has a better handle on the entire situation than some "pickup cowboy" who passes himself off as a legal expert.