Thursday, April 26, 2012

BP Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Cape Vincent Wind Farm's new project manager is tweaking the layout as “compromise” to please critics who seek to kill the project.

Since when did BP ever care about pleasing anyone but themselves?

Mr. Gross is said to have left BP to “pursue an opportunity at another company” This statement coupled with his comment that he is not sure which “landowners are getting the shaft” has fueled speculation that he may have been fired , clearing the way for BP to bring in Chandler, their wonder boy. This latest move may very well be a desperate attempt to hammer their plan through.

This past February a Watertown Times reporter asked Gross if BP was considering Article 10 ,Gross said BP would submit an application to the state to consider under Article 10 if the town of Cape Vincent adopts a stricter set of zoning laws on wind development.

This is nothing more than a scare tactic .
After years of pushing our community around with the help of our wind conflicted board members , BP has suddenly adopted the nice guy approach.

What their actions reveal is that they are taking the path of least resistance , they prefer to strong arm our community rather than gamble on dealing with the state.

If Article 10 were a good thing for their project, they would be using it.

Source Watertown Daily Times link here

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Anonymous said...


If X were so good they would have jumped on it.

Fortunately Cape Vincent government members are keeping a good eye on Art. X as well as many who area keeping them up to date on what Art. X means.

At least one member of our town board has been active as a stakeholder.

Support their efforts and don't resort to the work of amateurs.