Sunday, April 22, 2012



Gary King took the privilege of the floor at last Thursdays Town board meeting to read a letter on behalf of EX planning Board Chair Richard Edsall.

Apparently, Mr. Edsall is peeved because his personal wind turbine permit was revoked.

Edsall has had turbine dreams for years, having signed a wind contract with Greenlight energy (BP) in 2005. In the beginning, Edsall made the statement that the wind projects may take up to 6 months to become a reality. Unfortunately, for Edsall his dreams of becoming a Turbine Tycoon have been blown away. It has been over six years and no turbines for Edsall.

Now that Mr. Edsall is no longer in a position of power, he has resorted to being an annoyance working overtime to stir the pot.
In August off 2011, Edsall approached the Zoning Board of appeals, requesting an interpretation on the classification of commercial and agricultural property for a feedlot, slaughterhouse, and meat processing plant. Were Edsalls Slaughterhouse ambitions a ploy to cause angst among residents? His next move was the personal wind turbine plot.

Mr. Edsall was granted a personal wind turbine permit December 7, 2011 by outgoing Zoning enforcement officer Alan Wood. Not only did Wood issue this permit to Dick Edsall but as a last parting shot, just two days before the new ZEO took his oath of office, Alan Wood issued a personal wind turbine permit to Marty Mason as well. Alan Wood issued these permits knowing that the newly elected Town Board had every intention of instituting a wind development moratorium based on community support.
The newly elected board was not aware of Mr. Edsalls permit, after it was discovered in a review of town records, a letter was sent by Supervisor Hirschey informing Mr. Edsall that the Town would be issuing a moratorium in the near future, advising him that his permit had been revoked.
After Mr. Edsall received this letter, he applied for an additional personal wind turbine permit for land he owns on Burnt Rock road. Edsalls permit states that it is an accessory structure ~ X agricultural use. However, Mr. Edsall does not have a structure on this land.
Additionally, Edsall does not appear to be utilizing this piece of land for an agricultural purpose, unless he is referring to spreading manure.

In February when Dick Edsall came before the Zoning Board of appeals to dispute the revocation of his personal turbine permit, he became irate and threatened to put a dump or junkyard on Stony Point road.

In Edsalls letter , he accused the Town Board of ruling by bullying and intimidation.
Our current Town Board does not rule the community they serve our community.

However, as history demonstrates EX Planning Board Chair Dick Edsall did rule with an iron fist, he is a master of demoralization, intimidation and Bullying and these may be his good qualities…


Anonymous said...

demoralization, intimidation and Bullying and these may be his good qualities…

Spot on!

Serve the community is not in his vocabulary, serve thyself is.

Anonymous said...

What is Edsall's point with a big turbine more than 10K which is what a normal family will require.

Anything more that what is used in one year by the wind turbine home can't be sold back to the grid. So If Edsall has a turbine which back feeds his years use in, say, one month, the turbine is useless for the rest of the year. And unlike water district 2, Edsall can't meter it and sell it to his neighbors.

Edsall's is nothing more than an idle threat and attempt to help Paul Mason, Gary King, and the rest of the Voters for Wind with their political payback.

Bluster on, Dick!