Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Water District #2

The Cape Vincent Town Board will hold a meeting and work session today April 12, 2010 at 4 pm at the Town Office Building. The meeting will be to review a quotation from Fourth Coast regarding a review of water district #2 and any other business that may come before the Board, and the work session is being held to allow the Board to prepare for the Regular Town Board meeting scheduled for April 19, 2012 at 6pm.
I have been doing some research concerning Cape Vincent's water districts.

I foiled the rules & regulations /contracts and amendments a for all water districts in Cape Vincent .
One thing that I have noticed in comparing these documents is that not all districts are created equal . It is not what it says in the Rules and Regulations for Districts one, three, four, & five but what it doesn't say in District number two's Rules and Regulations .
From their inception Water Districts one,three,four & five have all contained a clause included in their Rules and Regulations titled penalties.

However, water district number two has no such clause. Below is a copy of the clause missing from district two's water service contract.

Penalties for Offenses

A. The opening of a water hydrant by an unauthorized person or evidence that attempts in the made to bypassing meter or in any manner obtain water from the district without proper payment will result in prosecution under the penal laws of New York State.

B. A violation of these regulations may result in the termination of water service to the violator. All violations of these regulations shall be brought to the attention of the town board for disposition.

C. A person found to be in violation of these regulations shall be guilty of a violation and shall be subject to a fine not to exceed ($250.00) per offense. Each week of continued violation shall constitute a separate offense.

D. Where appropriate the district may seek injunctive relief in a court of competent jurisdiction for enforcement of any provision of these regulations.

Does the fact that this penalty clause is not included in District two's Rules & Regs mean that it is acceptable for people in water district #2 to open a water hydrant , bypass a meter and obtain water in any manner from the district without proper payment?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps water district 2 had the earliest version of a water agreement? That would explain why it may have lacked some of the sophistication of later agreements. Chalk it up to experience and learning.

However, if water district 1 was earlier and yet had a more complete agreement with a part on penalties, then you could make a case that water district 2 got a special deal.

Also, if the lack of a penalty section in water district 2's agreement was an error or an oversight, then why didn't the board correct the oversight?

Hey Pandy, lets see the date and language of the penalty section in water district 1 and compare with language and date of agreement for water district 2.

Last thought, if 2 got a special deal, who voted on the special deal and were any of the board members a user in water district 2? If so, it might explain any special deals, if there were any.

Anonymous said...

I think Marty Mason has already answered most of the questions surrounding this water district issue.

He said publicly we couldnt have a water line system in Cape Vincent if we followed the rules of ethics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like District 2 got a sweetheart deal.....proof that they have been using their positions of power to bilk the public. And they thought no one would ever know!!!

Anonymous said...


K. Muschell said...

5:49 AM~

All of the other agreements written before and after #2’s -agreement have had the penalty clause(Penalties for Offenses) from their inception, including water district #1 that was started in 1995, additionally district #2’s rules & Regs were updated in 1999, the same year that the rules & regs for district #3 were written with the clause included .
Each contract has a section titled meter reading, billing late payments and penalties.
Language in this clause is about meter readings , billing late payment of bills and non- payment of bills..
There is no section in district – two-titled penalty for offenses as there is in every other contact therefore, there is no language to compare.

Anonymous said...

Former board member Donald Mason is a principle user in district 2. He was on the board for years and was self serving his own conflict of interest in wind development. How could you trust him to have been honest in serving his own water district. And, yes he agreed with Marty that if you followed the rules of ethics there would be no water districts today. Darrel Aubertine taught these guys well how to use conflicts of interest to advantage. Beware of any more Democrat choices in our government until our party go back to the primary system.

Anonymous said...

So dumb Donny isn't so dumb after all. He has figured out how to screw the system and people of Cape Vincent

Anonymous said...

Donny isn't dumb but if there's something going on he's not the guy in charge.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not, but he sure doesn't mind sticking his head in the trough and slurping with the rest of the pigs.

Anonymous said...

Well as one lawyer told me, pigs often get fat, but when they take it to the point of becoming hogs they often get slaughtered legally.

Anonymous said...

How do you like you're pork chops?

Dave said...

I like mine with hot sauce. The HOTTER the better.

Anonymous said...

Hell, the Woods frequently open the hydrant in front of their farm to wash down maure spreading equipment.

You folks just don't realize how tough it is to be a farmer today. they deserve some "special "consideration