Saturday, April 7, 2012

Couple loses property assessment challenge

By Paul Schliesmann The Whig-Standard
April 7, 2012
Ed and Gail Kenney are calling it a setback, not a defeat.
The Wolfe Island couple learned this week that the potentially precedent-setting challenge to their home property assessment — based on the proximity of wind turbines — was unsuccessful.
“We’re quite emotional about this,” said Gail Kenney. “We feel that common sense has not prevailed in this issue. The ordinary person should be able to go to a tribunal without being opposed by these major law firms.”


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Anonymous said...

Karen Stumpf said the only thing they kept hearing from Non-lease holding residents of Wolfe Island was that it is the “Best thing that ever happened, Best thing that ever happened to us.”

“Vacant lots are selling like hotcakes.” “Prices are way, way, way, above assessed values.” “Construction is going wild on Wolfe Island.”