Thursday, April 5, 2012

*Guidelines for
Selecting Wind Turbine Site

Based on a paper presented at NOISE-CON 08, Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Dearborn, MI, July 2008. George W. Kamperman, Kamperman Associates, Inc., Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Richard R. James, E-Coustic Solutions, Okemos, Michigan

Link here to document Simple guidelines for siting wind turbines to prevent health risks
This article reviews a number of wind turbine sites with known health problems and sound studies conducted by consultants for governments, the wind turbine owner, or the local residents.
The purpose is determine if a set of simple guidelines using dBA and dBC sound levels can serve as “safe” siting guidelines. Findings of the review and recommendations for sound limits are presented,Followed by a discussion of how the proposed limits would have affected existing sites where people have demonstrated pathologies apparently related to wind turbine sound.


Anonymous said...

If the Hesslers, both father and son, are the acoustical dragons of wind development, since they represent wind developers far and wide (including BP and Acciona in Cape Vincent), then engineer Rick James (author of this post) is the U.S.'s best trained dragon killer. Not only is James a well credentialed acoustical engineer, but more importantly, he has extensive experience evaluating the negative impacts of turbine noise on people; more so than any other engineer anywhere.

So where should the Cape fit within all the techno-jibberish in this post? We should have a noise ordinance that Rick James supports and one that the Hesslers malign. That would be turbine noise nirvana. We should not have what we had in 2010 with Edsall, Rienbeck and Mingle's unequivocal endorsement of Hessler and Acciona's recommendations. We don't need to listen to constant industrial noise so that others can go to the bank and then find a quiet respite with their money.

Remove the influence of wind money and it is remarkable to see the shift in board policy.

Anonymous said...

6:56 This is so true. Thanks be to God that we were able to get some new, very professional, clear thinking, intellegent, non-conflicted people on our boards. And many thanks to you Kay for all your hard work and excellent, thorough investigative reporting.

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read this! A respected sound engineer with a clear statement that pre-construction sound studies should NOT come from the wind company! Exactly what many of us have been saying for a couple of years! This is very good documentation to demonstrate to any Article X siting board that our new zoning regulations are not unreasonable for our rural community. Thank you K again for all your work!