Friday, April 20, 2012

Proposed budget would exempt renewable energy systems from Ontario endangered species act

The proposed Ontario budget (Bill 55) includes an amendment to the Endangered Species Act. The purpose of the amendment is to exempt renewable energy systems from prohibitions in sections 9(1) and 10(1) of the Endangered Species Act. Sections 9(1) and 10(1) are key sections of the Endangered Species Act as this is where the Act explicitly prohibits the killing, harming and harassing of Ontario species at risk and prohibits damaging and destroying their habitat.

Industrial wind turbine companies currently need to apply to the Ministry of Natural Resources for a permit under the Ontario Species Act if endangered species, threatened species and species of special concern are likely to be killed, harmed and harassed during the construction and operation of the wind energy project and if their habitat will be damaged or destroyed.


TI said...

This is absolutely nuts! And they want this in the name of " green"?
This goes to show how far the green radicals have lost their way. It's almost as if the green left has developed Stockholm syndrome with the exploitive Big Wind corporate developers. They are willing to endorse some very non- green things in favor of the wind lobby.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who may want an example of a law in the making that will eventually be struck down by highest courts of the land, this is it. I am left stupefied as to the rationale these lawmakers have used to justify this amendment. Surely they can't suggest Canada is in an energy crisis and that wind is the most reliable, dependable means of solving that crisis. If that were the case, that might provide more of a basis for exempting wind from a law that all other energy producers must comply with. Yup, they are nuts and I hope this free-pass for wind to kill endangered species wantonly won't pass muster.