Thursday, May 31, 2012

BP's ~ New Math ~ 200 +85 = 190

When Bp acquired Acciona’s assets in the CV wind farm Bp’s Peter Gross wrote to CV supervisor Hirschey, “we anticipate that an expanded CV wind farm could produce approximately 200 megawatts (MW) requiring BP to invest in excess of 300 million.”
In a letter to the Public Service Commission, Richard F. Chandler Director of Development for BP’s Cape Vincent Wind Project wrote, “with the acquisition of the neighboring St. Lawrence Wind Farm project in February 2012, the Cape Vincent Wind Farm now can reach upwards of approximately 285 MW in size.”
This would this would mean 190 (1.5 MG ) turbines, add to that the 86 turbines on Wolfe Island.
 (As the crow fly’s Wolfe Island is approximately one mile from the shores of Cape Vincent)  This equates to 276 turbines turning the thousand Islands into ~
“The biggest windmill complex east of Mississippi, far bigger than Maple Ridge.”

The cumulative effects would be devastating for the thousand Islands.

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