Monday, May 21, 2012


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The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) partners with a network of regional organizations to promote the growth of the wind industry at the local, state, and regional level around the country.
These organizations include a diverse set of key local stakeholders including not only wind industry companies but also often environmental advocates, representatives of the solar industry and other renewable industries, and other parties. AWEA is a member of each of these organizations to promote national, regional and local coordination and collaboration.

One of the American Wind energy Association’s partners is ACE NY the Alliance for Clean Energy New York.

When the Alliance for Clean Energy of New York president, Carol Murphy, visited some St. Lawrence and Jefferson County towns to meet with local people she likely didn’t mention that her Albany based organization is a “Regional Partner” of the American Wind Energy Assoc. (AWEA).
She would prefer that you think that her association is a broadly based interest group devoted to clean (or cleaner) energy development of various kinds – dedicated to reducing air pollution and slowing climate change. There is, in fact, no interest of the Alliance for Clean Energy of New York (ACENY) that goes beyond Big Wind.
ACENY gives a little lip service to solar now and then, but there is no utility scale solar in New York. Utility scale wind is what they are all about and that is who keeps the association funded and running. ACENY is not about clean hydroelectric, or clean nuclear, or clean river current or tidal power and they are certainly not about cleaner natural gas. ACENY is a Big Wind lobbying group – nothing more.

When you think of ACENY just think of the New York State branch of the AWEA. That is essentially what it is. Instead of ACENY, just substitute in your mind a more accurate acronym: NYASSSLOW – New York Association for Skimming Subsidies and Suppressing Local Opposition to Wind.

Now consider this, Carol Murphy the executive director of the Alliance for Clean Energy was named as a member of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's Energy and Environment Transition Committee.
The transition team advised Cuomo on potential candidates to fill energy and environmental leadership positions in his administration.
“Building on the energy and environmental proposals set forth in Gov.-elect Cuomo’s campaign platform, the Empire State can and will become a national leader in the new green economy,” Murphy said.

Link here to read complete list of AWEA Regional Partners

ACE NY Carol Murphy

AWEA Board of Directors ( reads like a Who's Who of Wind developers)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Murphy was only trying o educate us about what would be good for us. All we had to do was stop asking all those troublesome questions and just go along with the plan that others had laid out for our towns and region.

If we had been the good bumpkins she wanted us to be, everything would be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Pass the Kool-aid

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is just another arrogant, corrupt NY politition

Cuomo quote:
“I am the government.”

Anonymous said...

How the hell can a small town compete with a government that invites the likes of Carol Murphy and her wind buddies to attend the signing of Article 10 legislation that screws small town America.

Cuomo and Murphy deserve on another and we don't deserve any of them. They both stink and the system stinks!