Monday, May 7, 2012

* Wind lobby strives to adapt to Tea Party era

Washington Examiner, by Timothy P. Carney

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The Tea Party has weakened the clout of the wind lobby, and imperiled the industry's prized political possession -- a billion-dollar "Production Tax Credit."

Leaked documents show how the lobby is trying to adapt to Republican power.

The American Wind Energy Association's 2011 annual report and related documents were quietly posted on the Internet last week by a wind power opponent upset by windmills' negative impact on birds.

The documents show the lobby's efforts to frame its opponents as tax hikers, and to use opposition research against subsidy critics, some of whom it classifies as "libertarian free-market fundamentalists."

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I uploaded a copy of the leaked document that was highlighted in this story to my Scribed account.
I was informed that this document was copyrighted     
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We have removed your document, “AWEA LEADERSHIP COUNCIL & BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING" (id: 100678251) in response to a third-party notification (This content was removed at the request of 
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Lauren Glickman
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Lauren Glickman manages AWEA's social media channels and online advocacy center at the She's working to mobilize the 89 percent of Americans who support the wind energy industry to counter misinformation and advocate for concrete policy solutions.

Additionally all copies of this document have vanished from the internet


Anonymous said...

wow i saw gary king at a tea party rally .

Stay Focused said...

We could sense this kind of maneuvering was going on. This is confirmation of it. When it comes to a do-or-die need (the tax credits) the wind lobby will enlist the help of anyone who might be able to help. (“Follow the money”)

This leaked info shedding light on how they are now using Republican affiliated lobbyists will only make those they are trying to court even more skeptical.

The “jobs” argument that the wind lobby is now emphasizing is very weak – but it’s all they’ve got in trying to cultivate those in Congress who are not traditional lockstep supporters of anything labeled "green." The wind job numbers are very thin and very localized. Only a few House members have any significant number of wind jobs in their districts.