Friday, October 26, 2012

Both BP $ ACCIONA had been working in unison for years to bring Cape Vincent into submission .

At the Special meeting at Recreation Park, Tuesday evening Planning Board Member  Butch Cullen mentioned that BP had put pressure on the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency(JICDA) to cut a  tax deal with the town, and that they wanted to take away the towns taxing jurisdiction authority, completely away.

 In 2010, the Jefferson County Industrial development Agency had been working on the development of a Uniform Tax Exemption Policy , a policy that governs payments in lieu of taxes or PILOT payments. Both BP and Acciona wanted the JCIDA to take away a towns right to veto a PILOT agreement .

The scheme to cut out taxing jurisdictions was put forward by BP attorney Justin S. Miller, Harris Beach PLLC, Albany.
"The IDA is not required to make changes forwarded by the taxing jurisdictions," he said. "There is no required consent or veto power of the taxing jurisdiction — you're just required to have a public process." [1]
If a pilot is negotiated for BP’s project, they will be paying a fraction of what they should be paying.

The wind developer gets a reduction in the taxes that they are required to pay. The AVERAGE decrease in property values for homeowners in a community that hosts turbines is 30% to 40%

When the property assessments are accordingly reduced this means a reduction in tax revenue for the community. The result of this will be an increase in tax rates to cover this loss in tax revenue.

  Recently it was reported that BP’s Chandler had been seen visiting Don Alexander CEO of the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency.

 Both BP $ ACCIONA  had been working in unison for years to bring Cape Vincent into submission .

[1] Link here to a Watertown Times editorial Re: the IDA, PILOTS $ BP

Below is a letter sent to the JICDA from Acciona’s project developer Tim Conboy. 
Regarding the development of a uniform tax exempt policy in Jefferson County.


RWiley said...
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RWiley said...

RWiley said...
I was attending the meetings at the time the JCIDA governance committee was trying to establish the Uniform UTEP.

At the meeting, after the public hearing, when the JCIDA abandoned the UTEP, Voters for Wind were present along with Tim Conboy and a lawyer representing Acciona. They had been lobbying the JCIDA to take away the rights of local taxing jurisdictions to vote on a PILOT. They did not want the county, the towns or the schools to have a vote on the PILOT.

This is what Julia Gosier of Voters for Wind told the JCIDA that day:

"I am appalled that anyone on this board would consider distorting the mission of the JCIDA to attempt to control alternative energy development by giving school boards the power to kill a project. We vote for our school board members on the basis of their ability to run our school, not our town or county. This back-door effort to kill windpower in Jefferson County is alarming and a gross misuse of power. Do not destroy the reputation of the JCIDA by using it as a political weapon. This was all I said at the meeting. " Julia Gosier

Anonymous said...

I am appalled at Julia Gosier.

Have been for a long time.

Anonymous said...

"This was all I said at the meeting. " Julia Gosier"

You didn't need to say anymore Julia. Your meaning was clearly understood by all who heard or read it.

Not a proud moment for you. Maybe time will gradually erode the public's memory of it.

Hopefully it will be a lasting testament to the effect greed has on otherwise good folks.