Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lyme to consider moratorium on personal turbines Nov. 14

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will avoid the fiasco that happened on 12e clayton road. When will the CV tell that guy to tear down the junk that has never produced and electron...

Art Pundt said...


The private wind turbine on rt 7 belonging to Lazy Acres owner Roger Alexander is one of CV's attempts to deal with wind turbines and we can use it as an example. So how did that work out?

In the 3 years it's been up the only time it has run briefly is when it malfunctions. The zoning to approve it was completely screwed up and violated our zoning. It was declared illegal by our ZBA and the court upheld that decision, yet through a screwed up back door zoning process by a conflict board it still remains standing because no zoning enforcement has taken place even by our current board. I don't believe the electrical has ever been hook up so it is doubtful that in 3 years it has produced one electron of useful electricty.

It is nothing more than an eyesore along one of the best views of the river on the seaway trail.

And according to Alexander this complete failure cost him $80,000, maybe more with lawyer fees which in itself shows what we already know...wind is a financial disaster. Now there is real wind energy financial model. $80K for zero kilowatts!

Now there is an upside. In the past 3 years it has only been noisy briefly during its break failures. It is not a serious threat to birds since it never runs. In fact birds use it as a perch. Alexander has clearly demonstrated how to effectively overcome the noise and avian issues...just never run the damn thing like he does!

We owe Mr Alexander and the people like former planning board chairman Edsall, and former zoning officer Alan Wood a great deal of gratitude for clearly demonstrating right here in CV a shining model of wind energy and how it works!

Thank you boys!

Anonymous said...

speaking of which... how is that shimp guy making out wiht his turbine on the tibbits road?