Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Town of Cape Vincent meets BP's Richard Chandler

Attorney Paul Curtin; I’ve got a few baseline questions, I want to ask you  if you're familiar with the local laws in the towns of Lyme and the town of Cape Vincent, that were recently enacted ,that address community concerns, relative to wind energy initiatives. Are you and your people aware of that legislation that has been enacted?

Chandler: yes.

 Attorney Curtin: In your siting plan, have you taken into consideration any concerns that have been raised by both towns?

Chandler: So, we have reviewed the local laws for Cape Vincent. We have looked at our own internal guidelines for how wind project are constructed and typical setbacks, again that's internal setbacks. We've also looked at projects built, within the state of New York, and County and town setbacks in other communities and have put together a proposed revised layout for something we think would be reasonable. A number of discussions have taken place with the town that helped influence what we have put together here, having shared that information with you. I think that it would actually be very helpful to provide some of the thinking we had putting this together.

 Attorney Curtin: I just want to set the tone because there is a certain sensitivity that both towns share relative to the advent of wind energy in this area, and it would be our collective hope that you take that not only under advisement but in consideration as you proceed under article 10, because certainly I think you've got a burden to bear going forward, trying to justify why you may not be taking those things under advisement and conforming to local laws that were enacted.
 But that being said what we’re going to do now is defer incrementally to each body that's before us.
We have the town Planning Board chaired by Mr. Macsherry, we have the town board, Supervisor Hirschey, and we also have the Town of Lyme represented here to my left, I'm going to give approximately 20 min to each one of these groups, they may take more they make take less, so that each group can ask questions of you, not only to inform themselves but to better inform people who are here in attendance.
 So, hopefully you are prepared to answer the questions that they may have and we understand that this is the first blush of a new project. This is a new application that you're engaged in, going through the auspices of article 10, so, that having been said I'm going to at this point in time ask that you direct your questions to Mr. Chandler and hopefully he can respond.

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Dear Maz.

We noticed how kind you were to dress your Little Appalacian residents in new shirts from the BP clothing bank. Unfortunatley, you forgot to give one to Mr. Chandler so he had to show up stinking like the manure he has been rolling in and spewing all over the North Country. Maz, you didn't do your flock or your goal any good. I think you meed to start stocking up on DEPENDS. There is no doubt in my mind that Chandler could have used one of those last night.