Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Galloo ~ Upstate NY Power Corp ~ Abandons under water power line in favor of a Transmission line Through Hounsfield

Upstate Power Corp addresses the Transmission line in the following letter
Honorable Kevin Casutto
Administrative Law Judge
NYS Department of Pub Jic Service

April 4, 2012

Dear Judge Casutto:
This letter serves as the Company's April S, 2012 update on the above-referenced matter,
The Company has concluded that there are no reasonable prospects for a Power Purchase
Agreement or other revenue proposition sufficient to allow the Project to proceed with the all
underwater route,
However, changes in the economic clirnate for wind energy in New York State may
present an opportunity for the Company to now secure an interconnection point at the Coffeen
Street Station and route the transmission line through the Town of Hounsfield to Coffeen Street.
This would require cooperation of other third parties in the queue, and the Company is in
discussions with those parties.
The Company is also pursuing a recently issued RFP for a PP A program from the
Department of Defense, which may allow the Company to sell to Fort Drum.

The Company will be pursuing these options through the rest of the second quarter, with
the goal of a definitive answer on this alternative by that time.
cc: Active Parties List
mas L. Hagner, President

Document below


K. Muschell said...

FORT DRUM is planning a retrofit to convert the post’s idled coal plant to run on biomass.
The plant has 60 megawatts of generation capacity, more than double the post’s current consumption of about 28 megawatts.
Do they really need to buy power that is more expensive from Upstate NY Power Corporation?

TI said...

The Dept of Defense under the current Administration is intent on being "green" -- or perceived as being green.

In that effort the Dept of Defense does not have to trouble itself with market forces. It can pay for electric power at well above market rates if it wants to.

The Navy is trying to fuel jet fighters with bio- jet fuel. That is exorbitantly costly. But it helps create a green image.

For Fort Drum to buy power from the Galloo wind boondoggle that makes zero economic sense in the electric power market would be a fleecing of the American taxpayer of incredible proportions.