Sunday, December 30, 2012

Darrel Aubertine Defiantly not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance

Recently I did a post about Darrel Aubertine and the letter he wrote to the Cape Vincent Town Board members, encouraging conflicted board members to vote on wind turbine setback issues. Link here to read the post

 At the same time , I also posted a photo of Darrel Aubertine in the Senate, refusing to stand for the pledge of Allegiance.
This photo brought in a couple of comments disputing that it was actually Darrel Aubertine in the photo. 

(      (1)  I'm as antiwind as they come, but I would bet my neighbors windmill    lease that's not Darrell.

        (2)   The guy circled in the picture doesn't look like darrel aubertine. Maybe it's the way the shot was taken, but I have had three different people look at this pic. None of us think it's him.  

    Just saying... he can be blamed for a lot over the conflicts of interest with the windmill projects, but that's not him. 

      After  I posted the same photo without a circle around Aubertine,   

      a follow-up comment came in.

   ~  Alrighty then..the pic without the circle looks like Darrel. I stand corrected.
    As a result of these comments, I have received several emails  disputing my identification of Darrel Aubertine in the photo.   

I    Below is the copy of the  photo in question and a seating chart of the New York State Senate from the time period that Darrel Aubertine was a senator, if you look at the chart ,the person I Identified as Darrel Aubertine is sitting in the seat that is designated as Darrel Aubertine’s.   

There are others in the photo that are clearly recognizable as well.


Link here to original story ~Syracuse-area lawmakers who are seeking re-election played key roles in 2009 Senate coup ~

 Chart:NYDaily news
Link here to  view my  source of New York State Senate Seating Chart


Anonymous said...

This was a well documented political boner at the time. The Democraps were sitting on their hinders while the Republicans stood for the pledge. Darrell Aubertine, being a loyal Democrap, sat along with the rest of his party's idiots [on this issue definitely idiots]. This wasn't one of the high points of the working of our state's legislative bodies. Seeing is believing and Pandora allowed us to see.

Anonymous said...

One of the ways they are trying to re-write the sordid political history of wind in our town is to make false claims that discredit the bloggers. There are many more stories to tell about the very bad ethics of our former town leaders. Lawsuits will give opportunity to tell them.

Bloggers Defense Fund
Box 8
Three Mile Bay, NY 13693

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read a wind lease or good neighbor agreement. When a person signs that, they pledge allegiance to a foreign wind developer.

Anonymous said...

Sure some would dispute it was Darrel. The Dems and the CFFG have no problems with conflicts of interest, less than honest government and loyalty to the UK over the USA and river citizens.

Anonymous said...

In case someone wants some background on the coup of 2009.