BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Letter from a Concerned Citizen to the Public Service Commission

March 19, 2013

Re: BP Cape Vincent Wind Power Project (Case No. 12-F-0410)

Dear Secretary Cohen,

A comment was recently made to you by Cory White of Cape Vincent, NY. regarding the British Petroleum industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone that they intend to establish in my community.
Mr. White, who has family connections with British Petroleum leases, recommended that you visit the Cape Vincent Blogs:


I agree with Mr. White that you should start visiting the Cape Vincent blogs on a regular basis to see for yourself.
The Cape Vincent blogs, Jefferson's Leaning Left, and ¿Pandora's Box of Rocks, have been the answer to British Petroleum¿s professional community engagement brought to our community by Trieste Associate's. Both blogs are grass roots full time privately run sources of information which tell the non-lease holding, anti-wind side of the dangers of turning the town of Cape Vincent and Lyme into an industrial wind sacrifice zone.
Many of the activities of British Petroleum in their PIP were not reported by the company as part of their community engagement but were accurately reported on the Cape Vincent blogs.

For example, in a webinar conducted by Marion Trieste Associates she stated that other things she encourages in the community includes lawsuits.  Cape Vincent Voters for Wind members have sued
the town of Lyme and the Cape Vincent bloggers that Mr. White encourages you to visit.
Among other things, the lawsuit against the Cape Vincent bloggers claims that former town councilman and wind leaseholders Marty Mason and Donnie Mason were deprived of their public office.

Richard C. Wiley, Sr.
Cape Vincent, NY



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the PSC and Thanks Pandora four giving them the local news.

Anonymous said...

Hypocite. Wiley didn't say he was an outsider and not a full time resident who brought his money in a suitcase.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for JLL and Pandora. These PSC letters of support from the likes of Mr. White and Mrs. Jolliff are paid testimonials that most of us believe are written by Trieste Associates and BP. In spite of the Town's suggestion that these paid advertisements be identified as such, BP continues to ghost write these letters and White and Jolliff continue to submit them under the guise they are just plain, simple supporters of alternative energy. Balderdash!

We all know better - they are paid by BP. Therefore, if we know better and the blogs know better, then I think in the future when these letters are posted they should be identified with an appropriate designation that will alert us to BP's underhanded Article 10 outreach program - like a Big Red 'W.' Our modern, local Scarlet Letter for paid BP wind supporter.