BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Stout Wind Wake


Anonymous said...

When BP leaves town we won't have a wind wake, but BP's leaseholders might?

At a wake you celebrate a loss with lots of drink, happy stories, but at the heart of the ceremony is the recognition that someone who was good, a friend, a loved one was gone or lost. There is an essential grieving for someone we cared about and loved, but this is not the case for wind.

When BP is kicked out of Cape Vincent the celebration in our hearts will be more like V-E and V-J Day celebrations. Think ticker tape parades, think soldiers marching proudly in uniform, think people hugging strangers, think total strangers kissing passionately, and think about a celebration of relief - the enemy is gone! For us it will be V-BP Day.

But, in practical terms, since there are enemy sympathizers living within our town, who we have battled along with BP, we have to be careful how we celebrate and where we celebrate.

To begin a community healing process we should make any celebration short, limited and out of sight. Both sides for that matter should have a celebration and a wake and then begin to move on.

No doubt, however, when BP leaves town the Cape wins.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did you ever infiltrate the voter for wind meetings in Marion Trieste's Little Appalachia to get that picture?

Anonymous said...

Wind is dead. Wake or no wake, it ain't coming back.

Anonymous said...

Chandler and Harris came to our town in January and asked when we'd like to talk about PILOTs and road agreements. Their idea was to create a sense of inevitability in the Cape to their project.

What I like about this post and the idea of V-BP Day is that we are creating our own sense of inevitability for our little town.

Yes, we will prevail, yes BP will go home and, and yes we will have a celebration. You can bet the Citizens Bank on that one.

Anonymous said...

JLL has posted ten ways to kill wind. If the Maz hillbillies are so damn sure of their wind why do they continue to insult, instill prejudice and tear our town apart?