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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Article 10 Advisory Meeting Cancelled

 Lady Grace ~ Political Pollster

The Town of Cape Vincent Article 10, Advisory Committee meeting normally scheduled for Thursday’s, 1:00 to 3:00 PM will not be held this week, due to the NYS Tug Hill Commission 24th Annual Local Government Conference

  The Conference organized by the NYS Tug Hill Commission, is an annual event attracting as many as 650 local governments officials from across the North Country. 
Workshops on a variety of topics are geared toward town and village board members, clerks, planning boards, zoning boards, highway departments and assessors.

The March 28, 2013 local government conference will be  held at Jefferson community college.

Link here for More information


Anonymous said...

Hello Grace. Pole dancing? Really girl?

On a more serious note. It will take a ton of money to defend the citizens of this town and make necessary claims. That is why I support the bloggers defense fun and never pole dance in front of men.

Please continue to support defense fund.

This year when assaulted by Bp you may want to make it your most necessary community .
contribution. Bp has chipped in to all the others so they don't need it anymore.

Match their 500 gift bribing other community needs by putting yours into the defense of the community against what they want to do to us.

Idea before you donate ask what Bp did then use it to support your community against them

Bloggers Defense Fund.

Anonymous said...

Will BP be donating to the blogger defense fund?