BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, March 24, 2013

BP Announces their intent to file a Preliminary Scoping Statement For Their Cape Vincent Wind Complex

Today in Section B6 of the Watertown Times British Petroleum has posted the following  full page announcement 

Cape Vincent Wind Farm – Preliminary Scoping Statement Public Notice
on March 29, 2013 Cape Vincent Wind Power, LLC (“ CVWP") will file a preliminary scoping statement(" PSS") for the proposed Cape Vincent wind farm pursuant to article 10 of the New York public service law(16 and why CRR – 1000.5 ). APS S is a written document intended to inform the New York State board on electric generation and siting(the “siting board”), other public agencies, and the public that CVWP is contemplating making an article 10 application parentheses the" application") to the siting board.

CVWP is proposing to build a 200 – 285 MW wind energy facility with up to 124 turbines to be cited in the town of Cape Vincent and the associated overhead generation interconnection line and related equipment to be cited in the towns of Cape Vincent and line and potentially the village of Chaumont (" Project").

The PSS will contain:
I.                     a brief description of the proposed Cape Vincent wind farm and its environmental setting;
II.                 potentially significant adverse environmental and health impacts related to the construction and operation of the project including impacts related to:

  • Statewide electrical system
  • Ecology, air, ground and surface water, wildlife, and habitat
  • Public health and safety
  • Cultural, historical and recreational resources
  • Transportation, communication, utilities
  • Noise and vibration
  • Socioeconomic effects
  • Visual impacts
  • Electric magnetic fields
  • Wetlands
  • Cumulative Impact of Emissions on the Local Community
  • Environmental Justice Communities 

the PSS will contain measures proposed to minimize environmental impacts in the identification of all other state and federal permits, certifications, or other authorization is needed for construction, operation or maintenance of the project. PSS will contain a list of local laws, rules, or regulations that the project will be seeking the siding board to supplant or override.

The PSS will also contain a description of the proposed studies or program of studies designed to evaluate potential environmental and health impacts that the CVWP intends to include in its application for an article 10 certificate. The description of the studies will include the extent and quality of information needed for the application to adequately address and evaluate each potentially significant adverse environmental and health impact, including existing and new information where required, and the methodologies and procedures for obtaining the new information. The PSS will also include an identification of any other material issues raised by the public and affected agencies to date and the response to the CVWP in those issues.

Within 21 days after the filing of the PSS, any person, agency or municipality may submit comments to the PSS by serving such comments on CVWP and filing a copy with the secretary to the Department of Public Service. Within 21 days after the closing of the comment period, CVWP shall prepare a summary of the material comments and its responses to those comments.

CVWP will provide $99,750 of Intervenor funds available for municipal and local parties that may be used to defray certain expenses associated with participating in the article 10 proceeding during the pre-application phase. Fifty percent (50%) of these Intervenor funds are reserved for municipalities. An application for Intervenor funds and more information on eligibility and how to apply for Intervenor funds is available at the DPS website at http://www.dps.ny.gov.

An application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the project may be filed by CVWP 90 days after the filing of the PSS. The application will be accompanied by additional funding for intervenors. The application will build upon the school agreed upon in the ecological, seismic, biological, water supply, population and load sensor data as well as an evaluation of the expected environmental and health impacts and safety implications of the project, both during its construction and operation, including any studies, identifying the author and date thereof.

Once application is filed and determined to beat complete, the siting board will set a date for a public hearing. The presiding examiner will conduct a prehearing conference to identify intervenors, award Intervenor funds, identify issues for hearing and establish a case schedule for discovery to be followed by hearings. After hearings, stakeholders may brief their positions and the presiding examiner will issue a recommended decision upon which the siding board will base its decision. Stakeholders will also have an opportunity to submit briefs on the completed within 12 months from the date that the application is determined to comply with all filing requirements.

Information about the project is available from the applicant, the DPS public information coordinator, the project website (www.CapeVincentwindfarm.com) and the siting board's webpage at http://www.dps.ny.gov/SitingBoard/

Any member of the public wishing to receive all it formal notices, including but not limited to notices regarding a pre-application stipulations, concerning the proposed facility can file a request with the secretary. A written request may be e-mailed to the secretary at secretary@dps.ny.gov  or sent by mail to the following address: Hon Jeffrey Cohen, acting secretary,NYS  Department of Public Service, Three Empire state Plaza, Albany, NY 12223 – 1350.

Electronic documents concerning the proposed Cape Vincent wind farm can be accessed on the DPS website http://www.dps.ny.gov, see the link on the left side of the webpage  under" Most Popular Page" to access the " Commission Documents" page, search for the Cape Vincent wind farm documents using the case number 12 – F – 0410. Alternatively, go directly to the siting board's webpage at 
MatterSeq=40867           to access documents and notices.

Contact information for the Cape Vincent wind power, LLC: Mr. Richard Chandler, Director, Business Development, BP Wind Energy North America, INC., 700 Louisiana St., 33rd floor, Houston, TX 77002, Tel:( 713) 354 – 2100, Email: info@capevincent wind farm.com.

Contact information for the DPS article 10 public information coordinator: Mr. James Denn, NYS Department of public service, three Empire state Plaza, Albany, and why 12223, Tel :( 518) 474 – 7080, Email: jamesdenn@dps.ny.gov

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Anonymous said...

So much for the Village of Chaumont's input into the PIP. BP sent them a package full of propaganda, which constituted their outreach to the village. How thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to BP being exposed as the arrogant opportunist subsidy skimming @#!!*&#*s that they are

Anonymous said...

Hey eleven.Heres how to get wind.
See if you got a Albany guy in your town.
The more he is made of teflon with
ethical problems. The better. If is son
is cute tell him they got a kegger after
every meeting. Get him to run.
hey eleven Then put thugs onto people you don't like.
Scare the beeejeseeeus out of any you hate.
Get yerself a friendly town office girl or boy who
likes wind too. Cute would be nice and ask
to be your neighobor and visit the office frequently.
Do the feel and she he will squeel. Candy helps too. Get some thug with
no interest in anything but his wallet to threaten.
Sordid past helps here too. Make people scared.
Kissing bp butt helps to

Anonymous said...

As an assignment I have followed this project.
I can't find a link to NYS_PSC Clayton Iberdrorola
NYS application to site Horse Creek Jefferson Co.

Anonymous said...

Read it and weep. It's not easy to find. On purpose perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Bring it on, BP, bring it on. You still have no real understanding of how deeply and widely your foolish project is unwelcome in this town.

Anonymous said...

Here is a quick link to read it and weep

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.
When you see Justin
ask why he has been
hiding the info.
Ask why he has not
presented Clayton with
a simulation showing
proposed Cape turbine
views and night lights.

Anonymous said...

follow the money,,,,,,,,,,,,,the man is corrupt

Anonymous said...

It will become even more welcome when I get the rest of Clayton and the river rats to understand what they are trying. Taylor and Beril will not get to hide it anymore.