BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, March 30, 2013

BP files preliminary scoping statement for Cape wind farm

CAPE VINCENT — The preliminary scoping statement for the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm was filed Friday, triggering a three-month countdown to BP Wind Energy’s anticipated application to the state siting board.
Under the state’s Article X siting process, BP can submit an application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for its 124-turbine wind project 90 days after filing the PSS.


Anonymous said...

Its good the ART.X advisory committee is on top of this already. They wasted no time making BP aware that they have perused the document and plan to meet again Thurs. to make recommendations to the board.

Presumably they performed this perusal as individuals, since there was no notice of a scheduled meeting on Friday.

Can't be to careful with protocol,with the state watching our every move.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so much paper and word processing (cutting and pasting mostly) devoted to the purpose of obfuscation and non-responsiveness.

Maybe they have been successful in the past with a technique of blowing over a local county planning board somewhere in midwestern farm country with a truck load of documents. Could they possibly think that would work with a town where opposition that has been mobilized and focused for as long as has been the case in Cape Vincent?

It almost makes them seem robotic in how they go about doing what they do – with no real fine tuning or specifically tailored targeting – except with a little extra dash of class warfare thrown in by surrogate propagandists.

They certainly do seem to be using the approach of putting the cart before the horse (though they will argue just the opposite.)

Every page so far smacks of the pre-supposition on their part that their project should be thought of as a given – and the town laws and other details will have to be modified so as to conform to the imperative of the project. That is also a form of psychological warfare, of course. “You will be assimilated…resistance is futile.”

Please don't fall for it. BP has done themselves no favors with this load of garbage.

Anonymous said...



Take Clayton for example. The Town of Clayton has already told Cape Vincent that they don't want to be involved in their problems and have refused to back them speaking against Art X even though the county.
Clayton is rolling over to Iberdrola so it is doubtful that the Clayton town board and Planning Board will even read hundred pages of anything from Iberdrola.

Not so for Cape Vincent. It has only been two days and many people in the Cape have dug into Bp's stale material and less than adequate scoping.