BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cape town attorney: Water District 6 was never formally expanded

Update ~ Video 7:12 AM 3/24/13


Anonymous said...

Mr. Edsall is now a wealthy retiree and seasonal residence, selfish and only cares for his own welfare and the new Cape Vincent business he has started as shown by his most recent threatening actions against the town. I am terribly upset that while he is gone that I have to pay the village to plow his street and side walk. I am also upset that he continues to vote here even though he dons't live here so much. I was born here and live here and stay here year round with only one home.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than pro wind political harassment in their attempt to "Take Back Cape Vincent" and give it to Bee Pee. Also note that principals in the wind fight and what appears to be an attempt to develop hatred and prejudice as well as intimidate seasonal residents are involved in district 2. District 2 has not cooperated with the town to make sure the users are in total compliance.
New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrell Aubertine is a district 2 user and is one of those who refuse to let it be properly surveyed.
sometimes wonder if Aubertine uses the power and resources of his office and campaign funds in his efforts to take back the cape and give it to bp.

Anonymous said...

As usual Gebo clears himself of any responsibility. What value is his legal advice if the town is constantly embroiled in unquestionable actions,ie.- the illegal operation of water district #2, illegal outside users connected to the village water system, unethical donduct of public officials?

Maybe its time for a town lawyer who will actually steer this town to proper actions.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds very selfish.

Anonymous said...

,ie.- the illegal operation of water district #2, illegal "outside users connected to the village water system, unethical conduct of public officials?"

Could it be inbreeding? Darrell Aubetine is the State AG Chief and could probably tell who is selling district 2 water and if they are being honest with the IRS. He could tell who the users are. But he refused. Then you got Edsall who might be a client of Gebo and is helping Tooth Aubetine with making a big deal of number six to cover up number two. How the hell do they sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Edsall makes a good point and I will join him in taking action to stop all water development. It is my grant money too and my town. I don't want to have to pay for
all those people out on the Ontario and Pond Shore and Mud Creek. Two many seasonals in #7 to make it worth it.

Anonymous said...

The wish list that Jane and Harry want the town to create and present to BP, in the advent that the ART. X review board supplant any of the town's zoning restrictions(what are the chances of that) should include two items.

1. free illegal water to all residents of Cape Vincent. This would remove the shadow of unethical misconduct that hovers over the Favret rd. ,Hell St., and Rosiere area, and save the remaining residents from the self-admittedly "unfair" actions threatened by Richie Rich .

2.Eliminate school taxes for all Cape taxpaying residents who can present a drivers license showing a Cape Vincent address.
No exceptions for those recognized, and acknowledged by Harold.
It might be time for the Cape to seek new legal counsel, Gebo seems stuck in the past. Maybe someone more progressive thinking-possibly John Harris could squeeze us into his schedule as a client.

Anonymous said...

In one of his public rants, Edsall spouted that he thought it was unfair that 80 parcel owners should dictate to 20 parcel owners. Does he not understand democracy and majority rule?

Lets do the math- 100 parcels, 80 in favor, 20 opposed, that's an 80% approval. By any measure that is a mandate, landslide, super majority, undeniable,overwhelming vote of support.

Oh but wait,Edsall is in the minority, and not in control of the process. Now we get it!