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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clayton Horse Creek Wind farm ~ 2007 Wind turbine layout map

  Horse Creek Wind Farm

   Iberdrola Renewables  filed an  official notification with the  NYS Public Service Commission  December 2012, indicating that they intend on pursuing their Horse Creek wind project, under an Article 10 process.

The map below depicts the turban array plan as proposed in 2007,  for the Horse Creek Wind Farm
Clayton ,NY  

 Click Link Below to view large map of Iberdrola Turbine array plan as proposed in 2007



Anonymous said...

I counted 62 turbines in this 2007 map of Horse Creek Wind Farm proposal. The Dec. 14, 2012 Notice of Election states a 48 turbine proposal for Horse Creek, but says they are working on it. Perhaps the people in the towns of Clayton, Orleans, Brownville and Lyme will see the original plan back on drawing board under Article 10.

TI said...

Some people are being led to believe that turbines in the "back country" of Clayton would be no big deal.

Easy for them to say. they don't live there.

In spite of the display on Wolfe Island some of us still don't seem to want to understand just how visually distracting these turbines are from miles away.

The people who live on the islands off Clayton will have special view of the Horse Creek turbines. I hope they wake up and start asking some hard questions.