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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Iberdrola's Horsecreek wind farm ~ Clayton NY

to go before state’s review

Thousand Islands Sun

March 27, 2013
Clayton wind farm to go before state’s review
By Pamela McDowell, Staff Writer

Clayton -- Iberdrola Renewables’ Horse Creek Wind Farm project planned in the town of Clayton may well become a reality according to the corporation’s spokesman Paul Copelman, who stated in an email, “We haven’t filed an Article X application, but we hope to do so later this year.”
His statement was in response to questions regarding a letter from Iberdrola filed with the New York State Public Service Commission, dated December 14, 2012.

The letter states: “This letter is formal notice that Horse Creek Wind Farm LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables, elects that the proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm become subject to the provisions of PSL Article 10,… It is currently proposed to include 48 wind turbine generators with the nameplate capacity of 96 megawatts. We anticipate changes to the project will be made prior to submitting the Article 10 application.”
The letter states that an anticipated start date is spring 2015, with an end date of fall 2015.

The company had informed the Clayton Planning Board that it was withdrawing its application on Sept. 24, 2012.

Planning Board Chairman Roland Baril commented, “This is out of our hands now.  I think we have solid local laws, and there’s no reason to assume the state would put them aside,” Supervisor Justin Taylor concurs.
The New York State Power Commission Board on Electric Generating and the Environment has been charged with reviewing and permitting renewable energy projects that produce more than 25 megawatts of power.

This will be the second twin project under review by the state within a few miles of each other. The Cape Vincent Wind Farm, proposed by British Petroleum, is currently under review.

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Anonymous said...

Taylor and Biril were copied on the letter in Dec. Yet, they never brought it to the citizens. How long were they going to let it linger?

Anonymous said...

Unless Baril and Taylor from Clayton have some kind of inside track on how the PSC siting board is going to deliberate, they have made a fairly naive and contentious statement-"we have solid local laws, and there's no reason to assume the state would put them aside"

Why do they think Iberdrola decided to go the ART.X route? Why do they think Cuomo created this bureaucratic review process in the first place?

Sorry to burst your bubble of optimism boys, but I doubt if your constituency is going to settle for that laissez -faire sort of attitude.

Cuomo intends to site industrial turbines all across New York, including Clayton if some developer is interested.

Once again a township throws up its hands, declaring-"this is out of our hands now"

The Assoc. of Towns may as well fold up and disband, for all the good it serves. The State has the towns in such a headlock they don't dare complain ,even when their basic State constitutional rights are stolen right out from under them.

Day is quickly coming when we will only need town boards and supervisors to judge parades.

Stay Focused said...

Taylor is only expressing confidence in the sustainability of his local laws because his local laws are lax enough to accommodate a major wind project --which he actually wants.

People of Clayton wake up! Many of you have simply refused to come to terms with what awaits you.

Hopefully you will be able to produce some visual simulations to help you better understand what a transformative impact awaits you if you do nothing.

Your supervisor and Iberdrola want to move this project along until it is too late for anyone to block it. Only you can prevent that.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would trust a developer to respect a town's local laws. The process requires local governments to be active and protective; not compliant and passive. Depaulville residents are being led to the slaughter and Clayton town officials appear to be content as voyeurs.

Anonymous said...

There always seems to be a lot of money and opportunity for public officials who cooperate with big wind. The former Mayor ended up with a picture of him and a wind industrial trade journal. Perhaps Justin will cash in on this and become the poster boy for Article x.
Whatever he is a Thousand Island turncoat who is going to cause damage to out homes beyond belief. There ail be millions of dollars loss in personal assessments for both. Thanks Clayton!

Anonymous said...

I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

Anonymous said...

The elected representatives of the people in Cape Vincent are prepared to fight BP to the last --and hopefully prevail

The elected representatives of the people appear to be perfectly willing to turn their town over to Iberdrola without a fight.

People of Clayton: are you sure your elected representatives are representing you?

Anonymous said...


If those influential (wealthy) residents of the Clayton that you speak of, who may be oppossed to wind development, don't begin to make their voices heard it won't matter that they are opposed.

I gather that the point of your comment was to cast doubt on the motives and the competence of Cape Vincent officials in fighting against Big Wind, than it was to address any issue with the intentions of the Clayton town government.

The Clayton supervisor appears to be fully receptive to having large-scale wind development in that town. The town councilman who serve with him certainly do not seem to be prepared to express a different point of view.

If I had to choose the choice would be easy. I would rather have a town government that is fighting as best it knows how to keep Big Wind out, as opposed to a town government that is essentially saying, "Come on in."