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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Defending right to vote in Cape Vincent

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013
By Urban Hirschey
Special commentary
Cape Vincent — I was asked to comment on the letter written by the assessor of Canandaigua back in 2011 about Cape Vincent voters despite it being addressed, not to me, but to both Jefferson County election commissioners and copied to the district attorney.

Why was this not brought to light a year-and-a-half ago by any of the letter’s recipients? It would certainly seem that they concluded that the allegations in the letter lacked merit. It would further seem this letter was sent at the behest of some here in Cape Vincent, who were politically motivated and/or who stand to gain financially from wind development.
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Anonymous said...

Why have the people on Tibbetts be made wind voter victims?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Hirschey for supporting the most basic right of our society....


Seasonal residents....you have every right in NYS to make a CHOICE!

Anonymous said...

It was a lame attempt at negative publicity. Thank you Mr. Hirchey for all that you have done and sacrificed to save this town.