BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, March 15, 2013

Despite the very vociferous objections to a wind farm by the anti-wind faction (read wealthy retirees)

From: karen stumpf  

Date: 03/14/2013 05:03 PM

  CapeVincent Wind Farm

Dear Madam Secretary:
British Petroleum Wind Energy's proposed wind farm in Cape Vincent is ideally suited to the conditions that exist throughout the township. The township of Cape Vincent consists of 90 square miles of rural agricultural
land bounded on two sides by water.

The demographics of Cape Vincent also yield to the development of the wind farm. Except for the expensive homes of wealthy retirees near or along the water's edges of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, working class families inhabit the rest of the township.
The agricultural community and the business community strongly support the wind farm since both would benefit significantly.

Despite the very vociferous objections to a wind farm by the anti-wind faction (read wealthy retirees), the majority of the residents of Cape Vincent strongly support BP's Cape Vincent Wind Farm

Karen L. Stumpf


Anonymous said...

Excuse me Karen not exactly right.I am not wealthy, nor am I retired. I am however, a businessman, own land in the agricultural district,and am proud to be part of the working class, yet contrary to your assertion, I am vociferously opposed to industrial wind turbines in Cape Vincent. Not only that, I have many acquaintances who fit the same description.

Your propaganda is seriously flawed, and inaccurate. It is interesting that you did not profess in your comments that you happen to be a BP leaseholder.

Dave LaMora

Anonymous said...

Karen Stumpf sends yet another letter to the PSC supporting wind without a mention that she is a leaseholder with a clause in her contract to assist and fully support BP's project.

Stumpf also fails to mention that the master plan for Cape Vincent, supported by the majority of residents, states that industrial wind is not a good fit for the community.

What is a good fit for Stumpf would be the cash deposited by BP into her checking account.

Stumpf's letter is a paid advertisement/testimonial for BP and should be viewed as such.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Karen Stumpf for your prejudicial dribble.
Even more shame should be cast on those pro wind who continue to split our community.
The Thousand Islands is what drives our economy. Even you know that. Why else would you call your business the 1000 Island Goat Farm?

Anonymous said...

Every time I think of the way green greed drives former friends a little vomit rises into my throat.

Anonymous said...

Mr. LaMora...
I am retired. Not rich. I worked all my life to retire in CV. I am appalled at Karen Stumpfs behavior. How can someone be so open and publicly hateful? And yes, I am vociferously opposed to wind. Especially the towers on Karen Stumpf land that I will see.

Anonymous said...

Stumpf denies in public that she is a leaseholder

Stay Focused said...

This is so old and lame.

They keep coming back to this class warfare crap because their handlers keep telling them it works.

It doesn't work. The people on the Big Wind coaching staff are eventually going to figure out that they need to rip that chapter from the playbook and throw it away.

Anonymous said...

In Orangeville 80 people intend to sue leasholders who have made claims that their project will not hurt the rest of the community. Is it time for CV to do the same? Notice of claim?

Anonymous said...

Nor am I. If there is any justice in this world, Karma will soon catch up with her. How dare she speak for the unwealthy people who like in the agricultural disctrict.

Speak for yourself Karen, or don't speak at all. Seriously, how do you sleep at night with all the lies.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed about what she says. I made my living a good living fromthe services i provide to the people K. S. hates.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mrs. Stumpf's argument does not hold water.

It is true there are many retired folks, living in Cape Vincent,although the majority of them are not wealthy. In fact data collected during the revision of our Comprehensive Plan, shows a trend towards an increasing older population. If Karen is going to make a case based on demographics, she must be accurate.Part of the logic in stating that "industrial wind is not a good fit for Cape Vincent" in the revised Comp. Plan was based on this very fact.

If retirees are attracted to Cape Vincent,we should focus attention on that and improve the services they require as part of our general economy.Promoting the development of alternative farming such as hobby farms,vineyards, goat and alpaca farms etc., is another way to attract folks nearing retirement,looking for a less demanding lifestyle, to locate here..Karen herself did a great job informing the town board of the wide variety of agricultural options in the Cape. Altering the very nature of the town, by installing huge industrial wind turbines, with all their accompanying negative impacts, hardly is compatible with that goal.

Maybe she should be looking more at WHY the retired folks are so opposed to wind turbines, rather than demeaning them for voicing their objections.

Not a very astute argument from someone who knows all about retirement.

Hopefully she is not implying that any of these "retired " folks should not have a voice in the future of their town.

Dave LaMora

Anonymous said...

Thanks to their wind money and direction of a bp local coordinator there are now some mean, ugly, prejudiced people roaming the streets and public meeting in lyme and cv.

Anonymous said...

I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Ironic. They do this strange behavior and claims of hate toward others. Then they deny it. WTF? I can only hope there are some sane ones working for us in Albany when they read this kind of garbage.

Anonymous said...

" she is not implying that any of these "retired " folks should not have a voice in the future of their town."

It sure sound like it. Our former supervisor when he lost said it sucks that the outsiders they hate were only interested in their cottages. When Hirschey won the wind voters even wrote letters to the papers claiming they were elected by the MINORITY! Good God! These hateful wind people are out of control with their prejudicial movement turning against our regions bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

That is one mean spirited comment. Full of misconceptions regarding many other diatribes about our community.

Anonymous said...

10:03 " I hope there are some sane ones working for us in Albany"

Thats a big part of the problem, there is no-one ,sane or not, working for us in Albany. They have been bought and paid for by corporate interests,including BP.