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Friday, March 22, 2013

ECCO Comments Re: Iberdola's Response to Clayton Wind Committee Recommendations 5-29-09

    Horse Creek Wind Farm

   Iberdrola Renewables  filed a  official notification with the  NYS Public Service Commission  last December, indicating that they intend on pursuing their Horse Creek wind project, under an Article 10 process.
  The comments and recommendations below were submitted May 29,2009 to The Clayton, NY. Town Board on behalf of the Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization (ECCO), on the March 13 recommendations of the Clayton Wind Law Committee established by the Town Board.

These comments are limited to the town’s consideration of limits on the development of utility-scale, industrial wind turbines, especially as part of a multi-turbine wind farm, and are prompted both by the content of the March 13 recommendations, which ECCO generally supports, and by responses to the recommendations submitted by Iberdrola to you on May 20.

 Specifically, ECCO seeks by these comments to avoid town board action that might rubber stamp the most vacuous statements paraded before you by Iberdrola as findings of fact.

ECCO Comments to Iberdolas Response Clayton Wind Committee Recommendations 5-29-09 by pandorasboxofrocks

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