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Friday, March 15, 2013

Jefferson County Board of Legislators nominations for Ad Hoc board members.

March 11,2013

Jaclyn A. Brilling, Secretary

NYS Board on Electric Generation Siting

and the Environment

Three Empire State Plaza

Albany,:-JY 12223-1350

RE: Case 12-F-041O (Cape Vincent Wind Power Project)

Dear Secretary Brilling:

As a follow up to your 9/26/12 letter to Jefferson County regarding the need to nominate four
candidates to be considered for serving as ad hoc public members of the Siting Board, should the
applicant for this project file a preliminary scoping statement, I am pleased to now be able to forward those names for your consideration. While I do not believe a statement has yet been placed on file we wish to be proactive in this matter because that action is certainly anticipated. With this
communication, it would also be my hope that your office would forward the names being
recommended for consideration to both the President Pro Tern of the Senate and Speaker of the
Assembly for their consideration.

In addition to offering you four individuals for consideration, you will find enclosed a brief resume
on each of them that might also aid you in making a final determination as to the two nominees to
be chosen from that list of applicants being recommended by Jefferson County. Should you have
any questions regarding this important matter, please feel free to contact me
Thank you for your attention and assistance in this matter.


Carolyn'-d Fitzpatrick, Chairwoman
Jefferson County Board of Legislators


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Towns and County for collaborating on the selection of candidates. If the leadership of the region has acquiesced to submission to the ignominy of ART. X,at least they can exhibit solidarity, for what its worth.

It still baffles me why we would select four candidates and allow the state to choose the two sitting members.

Anonymous said...

Because it's the States Art 10 not ours or yours or the towns.