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Friday, March 15, 2013

NYS~ Future EX - Governor Andrew Cuomo ~ angers Grieving Community...

MOHAWK, N.Y.—Patrons of Side Street, a pub in this tiny village, gasped Wednesday afternoon as they watched a televised news conference about a shooting spree here, recognizing the names of the dead as their friends and neighbors.

But when Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the shootings showed no community "is beyond the scope of senseless gun violence," a chorus of boos rose up.
[The Wall Street Journal]


Anonymous said...

The gun issue has awakened many to the heavy-handed politics of Andrew Cuomo.

How angry will communities become when the ART. X review board disempowers the first local laws regarding wind development.

Will the people feel fear when the reality hits ,that their communities will undergo dramatic change against their wishes.

How will they react? will they rebel, and take action in defiance,that is long overdue, or will they simply submit to oppressive government?

ART. X and the SAFE act are two examples of Andrew Cuomo abusing his authority and manipulating his legislature to strengthen the State and weaken the rights of individuals and local municipalities.

Anonymous said...

That's our governor who you elected. I hope that you get your fill of him?

Anonymous said...

1:58 Don't blame me I didn't vote for the fascist!