BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ontario researcher blows off claim anti-wind-farm activism causes Wind Turbine Syndrome

Wolfe Island Canada

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Anonymous said...

People in CV have already suffered and are sick from the horrible Bee Pee wind idea. They feel intimidated and threatened by the conduct of the Voters for Wind and their behavior for the last few years. They feel really bad for the children being brought up thinking it is normal behavior to take bad ethics into government. They are sick because they have already lost the comfort of their home investment. They are sick because people like Karne Stumpf publicly call them outsiders and wealth retirees in a disgusting way. But it is not Wind Turbine Syndrome. That will come if our town board allows the turbines to be built. Bp will destroy our town if our town board becomes wind infested again by the gang green, dem party and the less than ethical citizens for fair government.