BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Monday, March 25, 2013

Please help protect the beauty of the St. Lawrence River for generations yet to come.

NYS Public Service Commission Article 10 Sitting Board,

 My name is Michael Barry and I reside in Clayton, NY with my wife and family. We operate a business in Alexandria Bay, NY and rely on the tourist trade for our livelihood. Since we are a stones throw from the St. Lawrence River we can appreciate that it's esthetics are a necessary ingredient that contribute to it's beauty. The Wind Farm issue is a polarizing topic and is often avoided like religion and politics in friendly conversation but unfortunately this issue must be addressed. Like many people I am all for clean energy but the placement of these wind turbines in our area would be extremely detrirmental to a place that depends on it's visual appeal to draw tourists into the area. The 1000 Islands Region from Cape Vincent to Morristown is currently being considered for designation of Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance. There are only two areas in New York State that have this distinction, the East Hampton and the Hudson River Valley. There are so many other locations that would welcome Wind Farming which could help improve their economy. The opposite holds true for our area, scaring scenery that is the essence of what attracts people from around the world to visit the area can only make the 1000 Islands a less desirable location. Please help protect the beauty of the St. Lawrence River for generations yet to come.

Michael & Victoria Barry


Anonymous said...

Your comment is right on the money. We coulnd't have said it any better.
Have you heard anything about Justin Taylor having some sort of financial stake in the pending windmill project? With Justin Taylor withholding public information that came from the wind company,to the town, doesn't look good in regards to Justin being upfront and transparent with the citizens of Clayton. I think the general public in Clayton had better wake up soon or they will have windmills surrounding their homes,thanks to the one and only Justin Taylor !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:02 You are dead on when you say the general public in Clayton had better wake up.

More to the point, though,the entire general public of New York State had better wake up or we will have industrial turbines forming a canopy over every available square acre.

ART.X is a heinous power grab by Andrew Cuomo and his corporate influenced legislature.Although I find his position unreasonable, Justin Taylor is really not the principal culprit in Clayton. It is the general public,just like in Cape Vincent and every other town in New York who has displayed a willingness to be downtrodden by this heavy-handed governor,bent on implementing his energy policy, at the expense of municipal home rule.

When do we rebell and assert our rights to self-govern? Most likely not until it is too late.
The regulatory process embodied by ART.X is highly stacked in favor of the wind industry. It was instituted to site industrial turbines,not to seek and comply with public sentiment, nor to accomodate any overly burdensome local land use laws.

Unless we challenge this process with defiance and legal action, we are, as the saying goes-screwed.

Dave LaMora

Anonymous said...

Finally a voice of reason in Clayton

Anonymous said...

Speaking of witholding information, can anyone shed some light on why the fire at Cape Auto has not been reported in the news media? Even JLL removed his brief report and photos of the event. What's up?

Anonymous said...

Which voice from Clayton are you claiming is the voice of reason- Justin Taylor's or the anon. commentor who seeks to motivate the clayton residents to action.

RWiley said...

I took pictures of the fire and posted them. I just happen to be walking by when the fire broke out and the Cape Vincent Eagles responded and save the building. they were cleaning the inside up today.

I left the pictures on my blog for the evening and next day, about 15 hours.

Many Cape residents have emailed me telling me they downloaded them from the blog.

If you want a copy of them, email me at:


Anonymous said...

I was commenting on the writer of the article NOT Justin Taylor.

Anonymous said...

7:59 Give it up.No sense beating a dead horse.The time for challenge was before the legislature voted on the law.

When towns like Cape Vincent,Lyme obediently participate in Art.X,and neighboring town's supervisor's, like J Taylor welcome Art. X's intrusion in local government, there is no hope for the rebellion you seek.

Art. x is law, get used to it. The public today is not inclined to defy the State. The days of passionate civil disobedience in America are over.

Work within the system that's been instituted.

Anonymous said...


Don't be fooled by a couple people who posed as anti wind and are now working against us by trying to undermine our government. The answer. Just vote that person out in Nov. Notice who on the town board are suddenly making it hard for others to work in harmony to answer to Art. x.

Anonymous said...

11:12 When you say undermine our government, are you referring to the verbal exchange by several board members regarding the language to be included in some letter?

Don't be an alarmist. It appeared to me that all those in the debate were working for the same goal-to keep BP to hell out of our town. Just a minor disagreement on protocol.

As Darrell Aubertine once said-healthy discourse is good government.

Usually if no one disagrees ,you have a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

JLL, thanks but I don't need,or want a copy of the photos, just wanted to know if the story was legit. No other news outlet covered it,and I couldn't think of a reason why the post would be removed. Made me curious, and I guess considering the history of the shop's owner, also a little suspicious.

Thanks for the response.