BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Still no word on what caused turbine blade to break

By Kate Hessling
Assistant News Editor

SIGEL TOWNSHIP — Officials said Friday that there isn’t any new information indicating why a wind turbine blade broke off early Monday morning during a low-wind period at DTE Energy’s Thumb Wind Park.
“Nothing’s been determined yet,” said Scott L. Simons, DTE Energy spokesman. “The investigation continues.”[Huron Daily Tribune]


Anonymous said...

Who cares,as long as they keep breaking. Less birds it can kill.

Anonymous said...

I wake up every morning hoping all the Wolfe Island Trubines have fallen over.

Anonymous said...

And you look out your door and they're still spinning. Aren't they just beautiful looking.

Anonymous said...

A group of Wolfe Island home owners have lost three million in property value. One property alone has lost 180 thou. Those who are trying to sell at great losses find it impossible. Recent rumors are that because the leaseholder knew of the home value loss they may be facing a mister lawsuit. Wouldn't it be beautiful if the non leaseholders in Cape Vincent did exactly the same thing now that the real estate loss is being well documented. Appraisal loss predictions in your town are well into the tens of millions and if suits are filed leaseholders might have to pony up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

8:34 "Aren't they beautiful"?

No they are not beautiful. They are a constant sad reminder of the depths that friends, neighbors,local and national leaders will stoop to, under the influence of greed.

They are a testament to the inability of well intentioned environmentalists to look beyond the surface veneer of the renewable energy industry claims, to see it for what it really is.

A corporate scam, perfectly engineered to draw in the very environmentalists that should be abhored by its adverse impacts, and thoroughly aghast at its failure to make any significant improvement to the global climate issue ,or any significant, viable contribution to the energy crisis.

They represent environmental madness, cloaked in a facade of economic gain.

Hardly beautiful,by any reasonable definition. Of course your definition of beauty is only the temporary illusion of profit.

Anonymous said...

Got ya.