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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Happens in Cape Vincent is a Hot Topic

Recently I posted a letter from a wind lease holder to the Public Service Commission.
Below is an excerpt of that letter

I ask that each of you visit the websites of the two anti-wind blog spots I have listed below, that have effectively suppressed support for the wind farm project which many of us strongly believe is desperately needed in Cape Vincent.

Website addresses: www.jeffersonleaningleft.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

This a very good blog. Those of us who follow industrial wind development know that the way developers work over a community is sneaky, horrible and threatening. Watch what the bp community expert and the bp worker do to your community. Some of it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

To the multitudes of new readers of Pandora visiting from the PSC website, please help defend Cape Vincent and the Fabulous Thousand Islands against big foreign industrial wind and their local Hessians!

Bloggers Defense Fund
P.O. Box 8
Three Mile Bay, NY 13693

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hot topics. The pro wind were out in force last night with attempts to continue the class war against outsiders, "wealthy retirees" and rich people. Their project this time seemed to be to continue belittling the efforts to improve Tibbetts Pt. Hostel and to try to embarrass the Hirschey administration and convince "little Appalachia" that there was something fishy about Hirschey's efforts to get water to the town because he and the river road might get running water. I was able to listen to a recording last night. It was a well run meeting with the normal moans and groans of the pro wind faction. A main concern after hearing was what appears to be lack of village due diligence and leadership about an outsider problem that they have been well aware of since 1998 even thought the village mayor has played dumb on the issue. Certainly prowind's efforts to kill this project will spell certain doom for district 7 as well. I don't think we will see anymore water districts for a long time and the town had better do something about the serious problems in district 2 where some of these anti district 6 and 7 people live. I think they want to screw the "wealthy" retirees out on the lake too. God dammit wind has done such horrible things to them.

Anonymous said...

Edsall described himself as a businessman. He is now a part timer and wealthy retiree with a home in Fla.
But, I question his business sense. Any property owner realizes with ownership there comes responsibility to the community. I own three properties in the village of Cape Vincent. I only use water at one. For five years I had to pay for water on another I didn't use just because the village said so. I also pay for services I don't use. So if Edsall is a good businessman may I suggest he sell and get out from under.
Oh wait....because of the threat Edsall's wind turbines would have to sell at a loss or never sell at all.

Anonymous said...

I suggest a moratorium on all watter district development. Give the Village some time to get their act together. Give the Town some time to straighten out the #2 fiasco. Any water district development now would be a waste. If Bp gets its way there will be no more growth and little need for water in those areas, especially 7, that are likely to face the most abandonment. As prejudiced and as mean and nasty as they are these voters for wind may have a point about no more water districts. And, right now town funds and effort are needed to send Bp packing.

Anonymous said...

Smoke screen and payback for the town having to straigten out distrtict 2. The haome of Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

The town should be willing to listen and learn from their predecessors. District #2 was created legitmately, and to this day ,as Don Mason has pointed out,operates flawlessly in the black.

If there is a legitimate source of water on the western edge of the Village, someone there should sell water to any willing potential user on the Tibbetts Point Rd. Its a good solution,and doesn't require any more grants or studies. So what if it is not legal.

The town has to resolve this issue, because Rich Edsall told them so. Maybe he could possibly manage this phantom district, he's used to skirting the laws.

Anonymous said...

Very good suggestion. Some seasonal resident who now gets water and wants to start a business in Cape Vincent should run a hose up the river road from his house and sell it like district 2 does now.

Anonymous said...

Its not always necessary to reinvent the wheel, everytime a problem arises. Distributing water illegally has worked well for some time in the Cape ( both in the town and apparrently the village as well.)

As Harold wisely said, the previous town, planning, and zoning boards were all doing a good job even if they did have conflicts of interest with wind energy. Their record speaks for itself. They got the job done! Marty even informed the public that we wouldn't have any water districts if they had followed all the rules of ethics.

Lets get back to what works and do what is best for all the Cape residents. Illegal water for everyone!! YEAH!! I nominate Rich Edsall and Jim Mason to be the new water commissioners for the town.

Experience counts!

Anonymous said...

1:28 "A moratorium on water districts"

Thats a defeatist attitude.we need action like that which we'd grown accustomed to with the good old oligarchy. can't get anything done with moratoriums,or sticking to the high road.

There are some time tested practices that have been employed right here in the Cape for years. No reason to throw them all away just because some of our local boys got a little carried away and let their power go to their heads.

Just like Rich Edsall suggests, we could provide water to every resident who wants it. They pay for the infrastructure,and the water-simple! Just like district #2. No grants, no DEC,no Bernier and Carr. Dig the trenches and bury the pipes at night, designate someone as financial officer (maybe one of the Masons).

Git'er done!