BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Analysis - Questions over BP's projects and pipeline

UNITED STATES: Following the surprising announcement that BP, the US's eighth largest wind owner, is selling its 2.6GW US wind portfolio, sources suggest that buyers are already weighing up the assets on offer. 

Purchasers of BP's operating assets might be banks or pension funds, but only a strategic player — such as a major utility — would also buy the undeveloped assets. An overseas suitor is a "distinct possibility" if they can monetise the production tax credit (PTC), said Zaelke.
As the moment, it appears the questions outweigh the answers. Crucial for buyers of BP's pipeline is whether construction can begin before the PTC expires in December. BP describes the projects as "nearly shovel ready" but refused to say how many could make the deadline.
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Anonymous said...

I hear BP has cornered the market on lipstick.

Trying to sell-off their pig of a project here in the Cape will need an enormous amount of lipstick, makeup and very low lighting.

I wonder how much BP has paid Trieste since 2006 to manage their public relations? If I were BP I'd sue Trieste for false advertising and for creating a horrendous piggy that no amount of lipstick can dress-up as attractive.