BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Thursday, April 11, 2013

BP and Cape react plans to sell wind assets.

  BP and Cape react plans to sell wind assets.

 By Pamela McDowell,staff writer

Cape Vincent – British Petroleum's director of public affairs, Amanda Abbott, says it's “business as usual” in the quest to be permitted to construct the 124 – turbine wind project in Cape Vincent.

An announcement made last week confirmed that the company plans to sell its US wind energy arm.

BP proceed with applications for least six other wind projects across the United States, according to Ms. Abbott, since marketing the wind portion of BP is in its early stages. Two projects in Kansas are ready for construction to begin.

“We are pursuing a number of projects to take advantage of the production tax credits, with a goal of having the project shovel ready," she said.

She expects that the full application for the Cape Vincent wind farm will be filed with the New York State Public service commission within 90 days.

Cape Vincent Deputy supervisor Brooks Bragdon said Cape Vincent continues to take the application seriously, although BP intends to sell its wind assets.

“They are proceeding with the application, and we will continue to follow the application process carefully, responsibly and respond to it in detail," Mr. Bragdon said.

Some feel that the wind energy in northern New York is not as lucrative as originally touted by the wind companies, while others are steadfast in their Pro – wind position.

Concerned residents of Hammond president Mary Hamilton said, “when two of the biggest companies in the world want to die fast and pare down their companies, that's a red flag for the industry."

Late last year Iberdrola renewables also announced its decision to sell off wind related assets in Europe and withdraw plans from some of the proposed projects in the United States, including one in Hammond.

Mrs. Hamilton explained her speculation," I think the handwriting is on the wall. There seems to be a trend to slow down the projects initiated. These projects are not built to last – the equipment itself is flawed in that it is not lasting as long as it should. The initial money invested has not panned out, and fewer investors may be showing interest. Also, tax incentives may run out."

Pro – wind Cape Vincent resident Donald Mason feels that the announcement by BP to sell their wind assets will not affect plans for the Cape Vincent wind farm.

“I personally don't think it will have any effect on it. I have confidence that if BP doesn't do it, another wind company will," he said.

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