BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Sunday, April 7, 2013

BP Is Selling Their Wind Energy Division ~ What Does This Mean For Cape Vincent?

BP will hold a public workshop to explain the preliminary scoping statement process for the Cape Vincent Wind Farm at 6 p.m. April 9 at the Three Mile Bay Fire Hall on Route 12E.

 BP recently announced that they are selling off the wind portion of their renewable energy business.
Tuesday night is your opportunity to ask BP project developer Richard Chandler about BP's announcement and any other questions  you may have about the future of Lyme and Cape Vincent!

This is a workshop to explain the Preliminary Scoping Statement . This is your chance to ask Chandler to explain why BP is proceeding with this project considering their announcement that they are selling their wind division. 

Cape Vincent has been a difficult project for both BP and Acciona.
It has been over seven years since wind developers first set foot in our town and they have not been able to build their project .  Cape Vincent will be a hard sell to potential buyers because of the wind development history and community opposition.

 BP would not even buy this project ...


Anonymous said...

Interesting point and a question worth debating. If BP were still in the wind business and not the owner of the Cape project, would they consider buying this project?

The Cape project has a long, sorted history. They've been at it for seven years. They quit trying to move the project ahead on the local level. The progress under Article 10 has been butt ugly, just look at the record to date. The comments and letters from the town sound like an angry mob, not a receptive community. And, they've got more than a year to go to get their ticket, if they were so lucky. Yet, the project manager for the Cape has still not answered THE basic question, what are you doing here?

Add to this a bunch of stale, incomplete, poorly done environmental reports, some seven years old, that have been dusted off and passed off as bright, new and shiny, and you've got a project that is damn-near worthless.

So, given the deplorable state of the Cape project would BP buy it if they weren't already the owner? The answer is simple, hell no. They wouldn't buy it and no other energy company will buy it either. What this project needs to move ahead is a community and local government that wants it, and the Cape doesn't want it, so BP GP HOME!

Anonymous said...

Its good that BP is selling out, but bad that they are still pursuing the A-10 in Albany setting up the next company to build wind turbines in the North county.